Aligning Incentives Resource Guide

Common Terms and Definitions: *     

What are incentives in health care?
Incentives include both carrots (e.g., financial and non-financial rewards, recognition, and positive impact), and sticks (e.g., fines and penalties) to drive behavior. The right incentives, and alignment of incentives across stakeholders, must be in place for sustained change. 

What are some enablers of optimized incentives?

  • Alignment of incentives to spark and support impactful health care innovation (e.g., value-based care)
  • Public or private recognition (money, fame, impact)
  • Innovation-friendly legal/regulatory/tax requirements
  • Lack of or limits on non-competes
  • Personal inspiration for patients to be healthy, depending on their own goals

What metrics are available to assess incentives?

  • Policy and tax friendliness level (e.g., state innovation waiver, total tax burden, R&D tax credits)
  • Split of value-based care vs. fee-for-service models (e.g., Medicare Advantage adoption), and programs to support the transition (e.g., SIM, DSRIP)

*Source: Cambia Grove’s Health Care Innovation Advancement Framework

Reference Material:

Report Looks at 15 Key Levers Driving Value-Based Care Success
The trend of tying healthcare payments to value will only increase in a post-pandemic world, researchers believe.

The Health Care Resiliency Framework

Cambia Grove Resources: 

Solutions Lab: Payments and Incentives
Cambia Grove dives deeper into the discussion around the barriers with payments and incentives.

Paying for Health Series 
Cambia Grove hosted a three-part series around paying for health from a global, domestic, and community perspective. Take a look to see what experts from around the world are saying.

Video Library:

Bree Collaborative Value Based Care Summit
Cambia Grove was proud to sponsor this Fall 2020 event, which examined obstacles and barriers to change for all stakeholders and promoted a more rapid acceleration of value-based payment models across our state.  

Upcoming Events:

Optimizing Incentives summit -- June 8-9, 2021

Optimized incentives are critical to the advancement of impactful innovation in health care. During Cambia Grove’s spring 2020 Paying for Health series, we brought global, national and community thought leaders to the virtual stage to discuss how to improve health outcomes and how to align stakeholder incentives with those outcomes. During our Incentivizing Health Hackathon, we brought a wide variety of stakeholders together to develop care and payment models that align incentives with a lifetime of health. This summit will build on this work to further address the barriers we see in the health care system through a candid look at the past, present and future of health care incentives with a focus on the impactful innovation that is possible when incentives are aligned. Please join us for an inspirational event! 


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