1 Step to Reducing Health Disparities, Life Science Washington Says All Can Take


Last month, Life Science Washington held a summit to address the health care disparities among rural and minority communities. The conference hosted health care innovators from across the state to identify, detect, and solve the health care gap within rural and diverse communities. The summit focused on one question:  
How can we better serve the underserved?  
The first step is surprisingly simple. 
To better serve the underserved, we must first recognize there is a problem. This conference outlined systemic problems the health care system has created for diverse populations within rural communities. Including COVID-19’s outsized impact on underserved populations nationwide. 
The conference highlighted that the best chance to reduce health disparities caused by COVID-19 and those that predate it, is when the 5 Points of Health Care™  commit to whole-person, quality care for their patient. Oftentimes, patients suffer at the hands of delayed processes or outright inaction stemming from factors within health care. For others, it comes down to which services are accessible, the quality of those services, and if the price tag on these services is within the allocated budget.

Panelists proposed solutions ranging from increasing broadband access for telehealth to matching communities with health workers from their same neighborhood. 

Socializing proven methods to remedy health care access and inequities will help health care providers, payers, purchasers and policymakers, gain influence and position patients for success.

Equity will require solidarity and accountability, as we continue to understand, educate, and move issues forward through discussion. Thank you to Life Science Washington for hosting such an important discussion. 
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About Nolan Jekich

Nolan joined the Cambia Grove team in August of 2020. His primary role consists of communicating and marketing Cambia Grove’s mission across various social networking services. 

Before Cambia Grove, he graduated from Seattle University where he played baseball and received a Bachelor’s of Arts in Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies. He has a combination of written and verbal communications experience in several business industries. Nolan was drawn to health care after he volunteered at Bailey Gatzert Elementary School at the start of 2020. He wants to have long-lasting, meaningful impact within the community by making health care more accessible and affordable to individuals and families of every economic background. He is ecstatic to join the organization that focuses on implementing change throughout the health care system. 

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