Announcing the Cambia Grove Data Resource Crowdsource Campaign: Join Us!


Cambia Grove is excited to announce the launch of a crowdsource campaign to populate a Data Resource Directory. The Directory will shine a light on the universe of datasets that are currently available to innovators in health care. To submit your data resource, please visit our submission form.

Lowering barriers to innovation

Data can be a barrier to innovation but it can also be a driver. Imagine the progress that could be made if smart, curious people could access the rich information they need to design, develop and deploy new solutions. This sentiment has been echoed within the walls at the Cambia Grove and throughout the health care system, from such renowned voices as Aneesh Chopra, Bruce Greenstein and Christine Bechtel, who all emphasized that we must crack the code on data if we are going to make real progress in the system.

This initiative aims to lessen that barrier. We are soliciting input from the innovator-friendly resources and organizing them into a dynamic, searchable, publicly-available Data Resource Directory on, to be launched later this year.

Collaboration with early participants

The early traction our campaign has received tells us we’re on the right path. We’re excited to share that the United States Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center (Fred Hutch) have signed up to join our directory.

HHS submitted, a site that states that it is “dedicated to making high value health data more accessible to entrepreneurs, researchers, and policy makers in the hopes of better health outcomes for all.”

Matthew Trunnell, Vice President and Chief Information Officer at Fred Hutch, shared the importance of this endeavor. “Fred Hutch is excited to support Cambia Grove’s effort to make valuable data resources more accessible to innovators in health care,” said Matthew. “We are on a mission to have curative approaches for most if not all forms of cancer by 2025. We can only achieve it through collaborative science and technology partnerships.

“To display our commitment, we will contribute our cancer outcomes analytics and clinic notes datasets to the data directory. We invite the community to join us in building this resource and welcome conversations around collaboration!”

Built from community feedback

This project has been developed through Cambia Grove’s new CIC (Convene – Identify – Catalyze) Solutions Series, launched in early 2018 to listen to our community of change-makers, identify barriers to innovation and systematically tackle the highest priority problems. Based on feedback from our stakeholders, we chose to focus first on data.

Health data is a complex topic, and challenges and opportunities in this space vary greatly depending on perspective. To understand the full scope of opportunities, Cambia Grove embarked on a community exploration project, during which we interviewed 74 stakeholders representing 55 unique organizations*. Our interviews covered all 5 Points of the traditional health care sector, the entrepreneur community, and enterprise organizations committed to innovation in health care.  

Through all our conversations, we reached three conclusions:

  1. To make meaningful system-level change in health care, innovators need access to data
  2. The health data universe is crowded and complicated
  3. There is a need to bridge the gap between data needs and abundant data resources.
  4. The urgency of these realizations led Cambia Grove to launch the Data Resource Crowdsource Campaign.

We are encouraged by early participation of major players, and look forward to continued momentum. We are hopeful that by showcasing valuable data resources, our diverse community of change-makers will face one fewer barrier on the road to a better health care system.

*NOTE: All stakeholder interviews were conducted in confidence to enable candid discussion and open dialogue; feedback has been anonymized and summarized.