Bridging the Gap: From Classroom to Industry Impact


Throughout my undergraduate career at the University of Washington, my professors, mentors and peers have all expressed the value in internships. I always nodded my head in agreement, but now I truly understand. Learning skills in the classroom is one thing but having the opportunity to apply them in an internship experience is even more valuable.
When I first accepted this position, I was intimidated to work in a role in the health care industry. Being in such a complicated and intertwined mix of different departments and corporations, I struggled to see how I could make an impact. But Cambia Grove is different—we work to support the changemakers by bridging the gap between the traditional health care sectors and entrepreneurs so that together we can make a difference.
Through my role as programs and operations intern, I learned that no day is the same. Things are constantly changing in the health care industry, which has taught me the skills to always be adaptable. I had the opportunity to support the planning and development of several events that brought people from all different backgrounds and specialties into the same room. By bringing these people together, we can have the conversations to identify the problems that transcend through all sectors of the health care industry and help create solutions—it was here where I saw my impact. 
I quickly learned that breaking down barriers to innovation, by providing changemakers with the resources they need, is no easy task. The health care industry is comprised of very busy individuals all working towards the same goal—improving the state of our health care. This is how I learned to work on multiple projects, manage competing deadlines, appropriately communicate and collaboratively contribute to this common goal. Thanks to Cambia Grove, I felt like my work made a difference. 

F is for Fax
Not only are there workflow challenges in health care, so too are platform challenges present within the same system. Hannah offers insight through an "embarrassing moment" shared with the Cambia Grove team that the F on business cards stands for fax, not phone spelled incorrectly.

Change must start somewhere, and it starts with places like Cambia Grove. I am so thankful to have contributed to such a powerful cause and worked with a team dedicated to creating change in the health care industry. Thank you to everyone in the Cambia Grove community who have guided me through this internship and helped me grow into a strong female professional. I am excited to begin a Master of Science in Information Management at the University of Washington in the fall and use the skills learned at Cambia Grove to help me succeed.

About Hannah Gavin

Hannah was the Winter 2019 intern at Cambia Grove where she works alongside Jessica, supporting programming to bridge the gap between entrepreneurs and the traditional health care sector. 

Hannah is a senior at the University of Washington studying communications with a specific concentration in technology. Alongside communications, she is studying informatics where she developed a passion for discovering high level insights from data and communicating them in way that make a difference. 

In her free time, Hannah enjoys traveling, cycling, trying new restaurants, and spending time with friends. She loves being a part of the Cambia Grove team and supporting startups that are committed to making a difference in health care.