Building a Community of Health Care Changemakers: We need your input!

At the Cambia Grove, we work to bridge the gap between entrepreneurs and the traditional health care sector to drive transformative change in the health care system. This work includes programming that supports a community of health care stakeholders, the 5 Points of Health Care TM, as well as the startup community that bring a diverse array of experiences and expertise. Every month, we carefully craft our programming to make it relevant and valuable to the entire community. This is where you play a role.

Each of our programs are driven by partnerships.  They are designed after receiving feedback and suggestions from community members. During the months of July and August, the Cambia Grove team will be taking pause on our programming to dedicate time and energy into planning for 2019.

We need your input!

Let us know what you want to learn, see and do at Cambia Grove. Here are some ideas we’ve heard recently to start your brainstorm:

  • 5 Points human-centered design workshop
  • Panel discussion with large employers working to change the health care industry
  • Monthly executive roundtables that focus on specific topics

Please reach out with your ideas! You can email, call or visit me for Reverse Office Hours*!

*Reverse Office Hours are a new concept at the Cambia Grove.  We LOVE hearing your feedback and want to know more.   Bring your ideas to Jessica and our team at Cambia Grove to help us deliver programming that further supports your work in health care transformation! Check our calendar for upcoming reverse office hours.


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