Cambia Grove 5 Points Conference Featured on the HealthChangers Podcast


Entrepreneurs hoping to succeed in the health care have to consider the needs of many stakeholders, but accessing these stakeholders and learning from them is a common barrier to entry. That’s why we developed the 5 Points of Health Care, which takes a deep dive into the five points, or verticals, of health care: providers, payors, patients, policy makers and purchasers. The hope is that this series will provide entrepreneurs and seasoned professionals alike with insights into how the health care system works and how they can better bring innovation to the industry.  

Cambia Grove’s 5 Points o Conference was recently featured in an episode of the HealthChangers podcast, which included an interview with Kate Isler, a 5 Points of Health Care™ Conference moderator and CEO of Daysaver, and Jessica Hauflaire, 5 Points of Health Care Conference organizer and Business Operations Manager at Cambia Grove.

In this episode, they discuss the inspiration for the series, myths and realities about startups, and why entrepreneurs should have hope, even while tackling something as complicated as the health care system.

Listen to the full episode here:

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