Cambia Grove & Fred Hutch: A Data Innovation Fellowship


Editor’s Note: Cambia Grove is proud to partner with the innovation community to amplify their perspectives on the larger health care ecosystem. This blog post from Michael Zager, Principal Software Architect and Technology Manager at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, explains the importance of the inaugural Cambia Grove fellowship opportunity, created in collaboration with Fred Hutch. This opportunity stemmed from Cambia Grove’s Solution Series’ work around data. Learn more about the fellowship today

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The rapid generation and expanding accessibility of clinical and molecular data is shifting the bottleneck in cancer research from data acquisition, to data aggregation and interpretation. The diversity of data sources and formats in which biological data is stored and accessed poses a persistent challenge to the development of data-analysis and visualization platforms. To overcome these challenges, Cambia Grove, in collaboration with the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, will develop a data catalog to expose these data through consistent web-optimized application programming interfaces.

A biological data catalog will allow researchers to spend more time deriving insights from data by reducing the time it takes to source and preprocess it. By embracing open and modern web architecture, this resource will be accessible to researchers worldwide, while remaining tool agnostic.

This aggregated and structured data can be used for clinical decision support, research, clinical trial matching, drug discovery, population health, as well as patient awareness and education.

Your efforts will help researchers worldwide find effective treatments or even cures to cancer.


Michael Zager

Software Engineer, Seattle Translational Tumor Research, Fred Hutch

Mr. Zager has been crafting digital strategies and executions for the past 15 years. He has served in leadership roles at several notable experiential and digital agencies and partnered with bio-tech, start-up and Fortune 500 companies such as Proctor & Gamble, Toyota and Coca-Cola. Prior to joining the Fred Hutch, Michael was responsible for evolving and supporting all digital marketing platforms in T-Mobile’s retail stores. Michael’s passionate for transforming people’s lives with cutting edge technology lead him to the Fred Hutchinson. Today, he contributes enterprise architecture, software development best practices and big data expertise to Oncoscape.