Cambia Grove Launches New Event Series "Success Stories From the Field"


Cambia Grove’s Success Stories from the Field is a regular discussion series focusing on best practices and approaches to overcoming challenges in health innovation. Moderated by Cambia Grove’s Executive in Residence, Dr. Bob Crittenden, these roundtable meetings are designed to bring together subject matter experts and the innovator community for a vigorous conversation about successes along the road to implementation.

Interventions to improve the health care system are difficult to implement. The intention of our new Success Stories from the Field series is to celebrate successes while attempting to unpack what made them work in the first place. We hope these conversations not only uncover useful takeaways, but also serve as a source of inspiration to others.

In September 2018, Cambia Grove kicked off this new series with a roundtable featuring Rob Arnold of Quad Aim Partners and Adam Davis of Puget Sound Fire, with topics ranging from social determinants of health interventions, to advice for innovators.

The takeaways were numerous:

Find the path of least resistance and take it

  • An important characteristic of people who have already “transformed” is that they are looking for tools to support their innovative efforts
  • Time is valuable; look for those open lanes where there is less friction to make change

Listen first, second and third – then act; it is important to deeply understand a problem before creating a solution

  • Technology solutions, if they are applicable, are only best applied to problems that are well understood and defined

Leverage stakeholders to engage in solution development and to become your champion

  • Building out a network of stakeholders to develop and amplify your approach can be an invaluable rescore for any intervention
“It’s a marathon, not a sprint. If you want to jump straight to the finish line, you are in the wrong industry.” - Rob Arnold

Thank you to the attendees of our initial Success Stories from the Field discussion. As always, please offer your candid feedback. Our work at the Cambia Grove is aimed at lowering barriers to innovation in health care and, much like a startup, we are nimble in our approach and happy and willing to pivot when needed.
Please consider joining our next event in this series on November 14th.