Cambia Grove. Not Just a Vision. A Movement.


What began as an idea, became a reality five years ago. At the beginning of the month Cambia Grove celebrated a significant milestone -- marking five years since the opening of Cambia Grove in 2015 and five years of health care innovation. 

We couldn’t have celebrated this historic event without the community that has been with us every step of the way. A community that continues to grow and advance transformation within the health care system. 

As we reminisced on the memories that made Cambia Grove what it is, we had the opportunity to hear from the innovators who helped establish it. 

Executive Director Maura Little shared the stage with a few special guests: 

•    Founding Cambia Grove Executive Director, Nicole Bell  
•    Echo Health Ventures CEO, Rob Coppedge
•    CEO of Cambia Health Solutions, Mark Ganz
•    UW President Emeritus, Lee Huntsman  

Rob noted that health care transformation needs more “living rooms, not board rooms.” It is the reason why Cambia Grove was designed the way it is -- to allow space for connection and collaboration. It gave everyone who wanted to catalyze innovation a space where like-minded individuals can come together and revolutionize health care. 

While focusing on maintaining our current relationships, Nicole reminded us to continue to invest in future relationships. As we reflect on these past years together, we are grateful to help foster those connections that have brought about a better system that historically has been underperforming. 

As Mark and Lee mentioned, over the years all of us have recognized how fractured the health care system has become. But there has always been this vision to create a community where health care innovators can discuss and collaborate, empower and support all who attempt to positively disrupt a system that is resistant to change. 

With too many false innovations that try to profit off the system, there needed to be a place where true health care transformation can thrive. Mark doubled down on this vision as the CEO of Cambia Health Solutions and Cambia Grove was born in hopes to create a more person focused and economically sustainable health care system.

Although this hour event was too short to truly encapsulate an amazing five years, we are unified in Cambia Grove’s founding principle that started and continues to lead the mission of our work. That founding principle is hope.

Hope that we do not have to accept this current system. Hope that there is a better way. Hope that if all of us come together, we can make that possible. A system that involves everyone from the frontline health care workers and patients, to the entrepreneurs forging innovations and everyone in between. 

Thank you everyone who was able to join us for an incredible event. We look forward to spending the next five years with all of you, working to transform the health care system together. 


About Nolan Jekich

Social Media Marketing Intern

Nolan joined the Cambia Grove team in August of 2020. His primary role consists of communicating and marketing Cambia Grove’s mission across various social networking services. 

Before Cambia Grove, he graduated from Seattle University where he played baseball and received a Bachelor’s of Arts in Interdisciplinary Liberal Studies. He has a combination of written and verbal communications experience in several business industries. Nolan was drawn to health care after he volunteered at Bailey Gatzert Elementary School at the start of 2020. He wants to have long-lasting, meaningful impact within the community by making health care more accessible and affordable to individuals and families of every economic background. He is ecstatic to join the organization that focuses on implementing change throughout the health care system. 

When he is not looking to communicate the journey of innovating health care, he enjoys exercise, golf, and writing. Nolan looks forward to helping Cambia Grove communicate the transformation of the health care system, improving his skills as a marketer, and serving his community.