Community: Amplifying the PNW's Voice in the National Health Care Transformation Discussion


The Cambia Grove team is publishing a series of regular blog posts capturing their unique perspectives on health care transformation and innovation in our region. Every two weeks, a member of the team will reflect on their work supporting health care innovation—often in personal ways. 

First up is the space’s Community Executive, David.

Community: Amplifying the PNW’s Voice in the National Health Care Transformation Discussion

When I joined the Cambia Grove team in December of 2014—three months before the space opened—it seemed like an excellent opportunity to blend my passion for building community and impact the conversations happening around health care transformation.

The team I met with during the interviews for my current role had a clear passion for driving change in our industry. No one knew exactly what the Cambia Grove would become, but the vision and passion of the team were deciding factors in my choice to get on board.

Over the span of the 28 months I’ve been engaged with the space, my role has been to provide ways—through programming and our digital and traditional marketing communications efforts—to connect the community with each other and add some structure and velocity to health care transformation in our region. I’ve been fortunate to help support conversations around topics like gender equity, diversity and inclusion in 2016 and 2017, and social determinants of health. I’ve been engaged with amazing community partners such as Seattle Health Innovators and WTIA (among others), and had a front-row seat for conversations with some of our region’s catalysts for change in the sector—including Governor Jay Inslee, Lee Hood, luminaries from health care's Artificial Intelligence community, Raj Singh and many, many others who have taken their valuable time to engage on behalf of the people the health care system serves, people who have always been the focus of our work.

One of the more enjoyable aspects of the role has been fostering community through social media. It’s long and hard work building community face-to-face, and the “virtual” space we’ve created has been so important to our work. In some places, like Austin during last year’s SXSW, we have combined the two to great effect.

Our vision for how we could engage with the community through social media has evolved over time, and has been supported by our incredibly competent and creative Digital Marketing Attachés. Our goal for that activity has always been to provide a point of entry for those who want to get involved in our very complicated industry in order to create change, and also to be constructive and thoughtful by creating and curating content that advances the health care innovation dialogue. We’ve also tried to help leaders in our industry use social media more effectively to support transformation.

As a part of that work on social media, I have also gotten to know some of the people behind the social media accounts. That’s been extremely rewarding. The community we have engaged with is dynamic and passionate, and every time I look at the conversations happening on Twitter, I see members of our community helping lead a path forward. This community is equally impressive “IRL”—a fact I am reminded of frequently during the networking portion of our events.

Marketers have known for a while that the interactions we have on social media can impact our decision-making. The field of Network Theory also provides lots of insights into questions such as whether or not social media is making us more alike. The communities we belong to are changing our lives. I appreciate the fact that the community that we are engaged with on social media feels like a community that is wielding influence but also capable of being influenced. The conversations happening in and around our virtual space have helped ignite within me a strong passion for health care transformation, and give me a sense of optimism that together we will accomplish more than we can as individuals. Thank you for staying engaged!

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