COVID-19: An Innovator's Call to Action


Like many of you reading this post, I have been working from home for a few weeks, adjusting my everyday life to reduce the threat of COVID-19 on our communities and loved ones. It is a stark change in reality, one that continues to shift by the hour as new information is shared by our hard-working public health officials and health care workforce. It is a time that is both demanding of our attention and eerily quiet as we look for ways to distance ourselves to combat this spreading virus. It is also a time where those of us who can work from home are reminded of our privilege that affords us the ability to maintain relative normalcy.

This is also a time that we are not familiar with and hopefully one that doesn’t become familiar. As we have heard from leaders across the world, combating a global pandemic takes a both a global call to action matched by responsible individual choices. Those near-term actions being asked of us such as social distancing, washing our hands and staying home if we feel sick, are things we all must do now to keep ourselves and our communities safe. 

Through our Solutions Lab work, we have heard that one of the greatest needs to accelerate health care innovation is matching problems with solutions. We are seeing this need amplified to respond to COVID-19 based on emails, social media posts and newsletters we have received from community members. Like always, we are here to support the community and are taking action to connect solutions. Actions we are taking include:  

Hosting Virtual Events

We have transitioned our in person discussions to be virtual. We look forward to hosting conversations both related to COVID-19 as well as topics to help innovators continue to advance solutions for other needs in the health care system. If you have an idea for a topic or are interested in hosting a virtual event, please reach out via email to  We will continue to fill our calendar for the foreseeable future with more opportunities to connect.

Connecting our Community

Community members have been reaching out to us with potential solutions to help the health care system and community members adapt to the current situation. Please keep these emails coming! At the moment, we are doing our best to connect the community through a more hands on problem/solution email approach. Fortunately, we have also been working behind the scenes over the past few months to create a Solutions Directory to support these connections at scale. We will share this tool once complete with the community. For now, please send any ideas for potential solutions AND any specific needs for your organizations to

Building Community Outside of our Four Walls

Over the past five years, Cambia Grove has been expanding our community. Starting in the greater Seattle region in 2015, we now have a network of innovators around the globe. The team at Cambia Grove feels fortunate to be able to connect with so many diverse perspectives and we want to make sure that this community is also able to connect with one another outside of our traditional in person events. We have launched the Cambia Grove Membership which will give you, as an individual Member, the ability to connect with the community both in person at Cambia Grove Member events (once safe to do so) as well as virtually through a networking platform as we adapt to this current situation. Learn more and apply to become a Cambia Grove member today. 

Longer term, it is on all of us as innovators to continue to take this moment as a call to action. We all know that incentives embedded in our health care system are not aligned to keep all people healthy at the lowest reasonable cost. We all know the technologies that we use in our health care system are not adequately sharing information or easing administrative burdens. We all know that this system is resistant to change. Our work with you revolves around three pillars of building a 21st century health care innovation ecosystem, an ecosystem with the right physical and technical infrastructure, aligned incentives and a culture that embraces innovation. The events of today’s global pandemic amplify the need to work together to change the way our health care system operates.  

So as we continue to work from home, or on the front lines of this global pandemic, I hope that we all answer this call to action in the near term as well as the longer term. This is the time to build a stronger foundation, one that will advance innovative solutions and bring all players together to help combat the challenges to come.

We look forward to staying in touch and engaged with you virtually for the time being. Stay healthy and stay safe.  

~ Maura


About Maura Little

Maura joined the Cambia Grove team in April 2017. She brings with her a diverse set of allies looking to transform health care. Her previous government roles built her network to include a range of stakeholders from life sciences, global health, energy, ICT and natural resources. Read her full bio here


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