Data is Power


The notion that the current U.S. health care system was “not designed—it just happened” was a theme we continually heard throughout the 5 Points of Health Care Conference. During the conference we learned that:

  • Providers were seen as the closest ally to the patient
  • Payers pulled some clout with financial bargaining
  • Purchasers got in the game when they incentivized people with health benefits to work for them
  • Policies were created to regulate everything from safety to data to dollars

Throughout all of this, the patient has become lost in the shuffle, losing control of their care and pocketbook. The 5 Points of Health Care each have a stake in the game, but who has the power?

Every health care vertical is trying to use patient data to improve health and reduce costs within their silos. But as costs skyrocket and American health declines, we must wonder if patient data is really being used effectively to benefit those we serve—the patient.

What happens when we flip the switch and give the power to the patients? How do we do that?

Christine Bechtel, President and Chief Strategist of X4 Health, has been working toward this outcome, encouraging patients across the country to utilize their legal rights to demand their health records in electronic formats and advocating on behalf of consumers to accelerate the quadruple aim in health care.

Join us on Thursday, April 26 at Cambia Grove for a discussion with Christine about the work that has been done and the future of patient data.


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