Education to Inspiration


As a senior at the University of Washington, studying health informatics and health information management, I wanted to do something more. Rather than simply studying in the classroom, I applied for the operations internship at Cambia Grove. After I got a call and accepted, I felt nothing but excitement to continue my career and make an impact in health care. 
At first, I did not know what to expect at Cambia Grove. But in a short amount of time, my knowledge within the space grew tremendously. My curiosity increased each day.
As an intern, you get to experience it all. I learned how Cambia Grove successfully operates every day and met some amazing individuals at programs and events. One day, I realized the bigger picture.
Cambia Grove is more than a coworking space. Cambia Grove supports a community, bridging the gap between traditional health care sectors and entrepreneurs. Each day, I found myself eager and excited to learn more about what the space has to offer. Whether it was hearing conversations on how to improve the health care system or just seeing a friendly face, I saw that Cambia Grove truly helps convene a community for stakeholders across health care to discuss and tackle the most pressing challenges in the industry.
During my twelve-week internship, my most memorable event was Under the Boughs with Hans Bishop, founder and former CEO of Juno Therapeutics. As a young millennial, it was incredibly inspiring to hear from Hans Bishop, sharing his experience at Juno and his reflections, from the past health care system, to predictions in the future.
It was amazing to see the community Cambia Grove has brought together to continuously create ideas through their vision of a health care system that embraces innovation. Thank you, Cambia Grove and the Cambia Grove community, for such an amazing and unique experience these past twelve weeks!