Grounded Optimism


I joined the team at Cambia Grove passionate about the mission to bridge the gap between entrepreneurs and the traditional health care sector to drive health care transformation. It is these types of bold, ambitious goals that the sector needs to embrace to bring about a more equitable, sustainable system that delivers high-quality care.

As I finish up my second month as the Community Relations Manager, this passion has only grown. Three things have become abundantly apparent, most of these we have known for a while:

  1. Health care innovation is hard
  2. Entrepreneurs and innovators who succeed in this space hold an unwavering optimism for what is possible
  3. At the same time, entrepreneurs must also firmly grasp a patient-centered approach

Last week’s Under the Boughs captured both the broader systemic challenges to health care innovation and the critical need to keep the patient at the center of the work. These types of events are central to Cambia Grove’s mission. To drive systemwide innovation, a broad set of stakeholders who make up the 5 Points of health care —patients, payors, purchasers, policymakers, and providers—must engage in continuous collaboration dialogue.

With health care issues evolving every month (and sometimes every day), we all must keep a pulse on the trendlines. Questions that we’ll carry forward from last week’s event include:

  • How can we help lawmakers lower the financing barriers to better incentivize systemic health care innovation?
  • How can we support patient-centered approaches that move away from a transactional consumer relationship?

Please let us know the key questions you see at the heart of heath care innovation. As Congresswoman DelBene and Mike Koppel, board chair of Cambia Health Solutions, reiterated, customers need to be in our thoughts at all times as we drive towards a better health care system. Pilots matter, failure is important, and learning communities are critical to innovation. We thank you for being part of this learning community and look forward to the discussions to come.
Photo credit: Sunny Martini