Health Care Advice from a Sage First Grader


Oftentimes at the Cambia Grove, we talk about transforming the health care system to be more person-centric. We strive for our system to think about the person, the consumer, the patient, the customer, or wherever an individual may find themselves as they interact with the 5 Points of health care™. But as we dive into the idea of becoming more person-centric, we tend to get lost in how we measure our progress. What is our ultimate goal in becoming more person-centric? As I like to say with the Cambia Grove team, when do we get to blast off the confetti machine and say we have achieved ultimate success?

This summer, as my family was gathering to sit down for dinner—or more accurately, as I was negotiating with my son to take his toys off the dining room table, while cleaning off my other son after playing outside in the mud—my older son gave me some unsolicited career advice. He said:

“Each day, you should probably make a lot of health and get a little bit of money. Yeah, that’s what you should probably do. Right? Because money isn’t the most important thing in the world. Health is. Life is the most important thing. Life makes our world more beautiful.”

- Maura’s son, age 6

While I don’t currently have an answer to when we can blast off the confetti machine to say we have achieved our goal, I do have an answer on where we must focus our attention as we seek to transform the health care system. As my son reminds us, we must continue to focus our attention on health, on life. Money is part of the equation, but life does make our world more beautiful.
I work in this community because I believe that our community of changemakers have both the passion and technical expertise in making large-scale change happen in our system. This fall, we will continue where we left off at the beginning of the year, diving into topics like data and systems, connecting the 5 Points of health care with entrepreneurs throughout the region, and exploring what it means to become more person-centric.

We will begin this exploration at a very special Under the Boughs event on September 20, where we will dive into the topics of creating a customer-centric health care system. During the event, we will hear from two national leaders, Congresswoman Suzan DelBene from Washington’s 1st Congressional District, and Mike Koppel, board chair of Cambia Health Solutions. Both leaders are committed to advancing a better system for individuals and their families, one from inside the halls of Congress, the other from inside a 100-year-old national health solutions company headquartered right here in the Pacific Northwest.

I hope you can join us on September 20 and throughout the next few months as we continue working together toward a better, more person-focused health care system.