Looking Beyond


Over the past few months, I have written about the importance of Looking Up and Looking Around. Today, I’m hoping you will also take time to look beyond your geography and experience to seek out new perspectives as you build and innovate to create a better health care system.

On my first day working on Capitol Hill for a member of Congress, I showed up in pleats, shoulder pads and an oversized jacket.  It was 2005 and the airline lost my luggage. Luckily, I had an aunt who lived nearby and was willing to let me go through her closet, a closet filled with an assortment of women’s suits from the 80’s. It took five days to recover my bags, five long days of making any adjustments that I could to polyester suits and bright patterns to fit in with the sea of grey and blue suits that dominated the halls of Congress.

But my adventure didn’t start on day one interning in Washington, DC. My adventure started when I decided to look beyond the small town I grew up in to discover how both geographic and experiential boundaries have shaped my perspective. Over the past six months, our work at Cambia Grove has been focused on pushing boundaries by introducing new perspectives. Our 5 Points of Health Care Conference™, TRAILS Competition, Innovator Fellowship Program, Interoperability Summit and involvement in Together.Health have all been designed to introduce new perspectives into the conversation of health care innovation. Here are some highlights from the past six months.

5 Points of Health Care Conference

During our second annual 5 Points of Health Care™ Conference, we came together as a community to understand both barriers and opportunities from each 5 Points perspective: payer, provider, purchaser, patient and policymaker. Key takeaways included messages in the following blog posts:

TRAILS Competition

The TRAILS Competition was designed to give promising startups new perspectives into the innerworkings of systems they are trying to improve. The spring competition brought together three children’s hospitals from the west coast who were willing to open their doors to give feedback to the winner, BrainChild Technologies. BrainChild Technologies will now be embedded for five consecutive days within Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital and Seattle Children’s Hospital, all top-ranking children’s hospitals by U.S. News & World Report, participating in informational interviews and job shadowing activities. Congratulations to BrainChild Technologies and all the amazing finalists of TRAILS.

Innovator Fellowship

The Cambia Grove Innovator Fellowship Program embeds innovators within world class health care organizations to solve complex problems with emerging technologies and talent. This fellowship program was created using feedback from the innovator and health care systems communities during our Data Solution Series. The goal is for both innovators and partners to gain a new perspective on how tools can be used to solve complex problems.

We announced our inaugural fellowship partner, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center last month and will announce our first cohort of fellows very soon!

Interoperability Summit: Empowering Consumers with Data

In June, we designed a two-day, consumer-focused interoperability summit that brought people from across the country together to discuss current initiatives dedicated to improving the movement of data to create a better health care system. We heard stories from consumers, nurses and health system leaders that put interoperability into perspective of how it can improve and save lives. A perspective that is lost at times when discussing technical topics is the perspective of trust, which was shared loud and clear during the event. We must build trust with all parties as the next step in creating thoughtful data flows. As I have heard time and time again, the technology is there, the culture and incentives are not.   


In March, I was honored to be selected as the incoming co-chair of a national group called Together.Health. Together.Health brings together ecosystem champions from around the country to share best practices and perspectives on ways to help accelerate the creation and adoption of digital health innovation.  The 40+ organizations that make up the steering committee largely did not know each other until the creation of Together.Health. As you make your fall travel plans, consider joining this network of changemakers on Sunday, October 27th for a Together.Health showcase, a pre-event in Las Vegas, NV leading up to the HLTH conference(as a perk, feel free to use the following code to get $150 off registration for the HLTH conference: togetherhealth150). 

Where we go from here is key. We may have bumps in the road as we look beyond our own perspectives to find a way to create a health care system that costs less and is better for consumers. Some of those bumps could include losing your luggage and becoming an 80’s era diva. Where ever the road ahead leads you, I encourage you to look beyond your own geographic and experiential boundaries to seek out those new perspectives. 

Happy Summer!