Parallel Paths of Growth and Innovation


Editor's Note: We are bidding farewell to our Program Director, Jessica Hauflaire. Jessica has been with Cambia Grove since April 2017 and has been instrumental in laying the foundation for our programming and resources over the past three and half years. She is moving on to a new opportunity in digital therapeutics and the Cambia Grove team wishes her the best of luck! We're sure our paths will cross in the future. Until then – thank you for all of your work and we look forward to having you continue to be part of our Cambia Grove community.


When I joined Cambia Grove in 2017, I was eager to support health care startups as they sought to improve the triple aim. Working in health care was new for me but I was mission driven and had the operations background to make it work. That was what I told myself, anyway. Cambia Grove was abuzz with the same eagerness that I had. The team had endless energy and passion and those that visited were curious and ready to engage. We were a young organization, just two years old, but we had the vision and the health care innovation ecosystem had all the right ingredients to make health care more person focused and economically sustainable. 

Just a few months into my new role, we paused to reflect – are we really helping?

Are we really meeting the needs of innovators? Are we meeting the needs of the health care system? What is the health care system?

It is at that point when I started to question my own value that I brought to this work. I was in over my head and didn’t know anything about health care – what was I actually bringing to the table? It was time to ask those questions - to ourselves and to all of the people we served and wanted to serve and then get creative to do things differently in order to achieve success. 

This is when things started to get good. We were no longer focused solely on accelerating the success of startup companies to change the health care system, we were now working to remove barriers for all innovators seeking to change the health care system. One of my proudest accomplishments was working with the team to create the 5 Points of Health Care™ framework that outlined the primary stakeholders that make up the domestic health care system. We developed the TRAILS Competition when we realized the massive gap between startups and the 5 Points of Health Care. There are many other programs that we developed, some more successful than others, all stemming from uncovering common barriers to innovation in health care.

We were exposing the realities of the health care system and the health care innovation ecosystem through our programming. At the same time, I was exposing my own core competencies - developing original programming about topics I just recently learned about. Fortunately, one of our greatest strengths at Cambia Grove is in developing partnerships. We were never alone – I was never alone – because individuals and organizations provided insight, feedback and support every step of the way. We are incredibly thankful for all the partners and friends we have made along the way.

Our programs continually evolve, and we are encouraged by the community to dig deeper, uncover more, and offer new ways for innovators to participate.

The evolution and expansion of our reach has led us to theorize that for innovation to thrive, health care ecosystems need to have the right infrastructure, incentives and culture

You will see, in our evolution over the next months and years that our programming centers around optimizing those ecosystem elements to enable health care innovations – in all various forms – to ultimately improve the triple aim.

After three and a half years of pauses, experiments, and growth with Cambia Grove, I am also evolving. I made the bittersweet decision to explore a new opportunity – still seeking to improve the triple aim. I will find myself again at a point where concepts are new to me, but I am mission driven and have the operations background to make it work. That is what I am telling myself anyway. The difference this time is I am equipped with the knowledge, experience, and community that I have gained at Cambia Grove and that does not end now. I may no longer be a part of the amazing team at Cambia Grove, but I will remain a part of the community. I hope to see you on the Cambia Grove member Slack channel!


About Jessica Hauflaire

Program Director, Cambia Grove

Jessica Hauflaire leads the on-site and virtual development of the programs, events and resources offered by Cambia Grove.

Jessica has a background in administration, hospitality and events in the non- and for-profit sectors. She brings that with her to the Cambia Grove where she combines strong strategic planning and community engagement. Through the Cambia Grove community, she envisions a future for health care that is more effective, inclusive and equitable.

Jessica loves and values travel to experience different lifestyles, particularly lifestyles in tropical climates. At home, Jessica enjoys spending time with her family, refining her ping pong skills and challenging her balance and flexibility through yoga practice.