People, Not Profit


As a senior graduating this March and entering the workforce this summer, I’ve had the opportunity to be  exposed to many diverse areas within the health care industry in a short time. While studying Public Health at the University of Washington, I have enjoyed the coursework focusing on social determinants of health and research methods. I’ve also been lucky to contrast two ends of the health care spectrum: a fast-paced startup capitalizing on technological advancements to provide cutting edge health care equipment at a more affordable cost; and a large health system witnessing firsthand how quality and specialized health care can coexist with positive cash flows. While both these experiences showed me how health care companies are impacting the health network, they both had a profit goal to fulfill.

“There must be a catch!” / Engagement over Revenue

In a world in which most health care entities require at least some degree of revenue, it is very uncommon to work in a space that isn’t motivated by profit. Enter Cambia Grove – an innovation space in which driving revenue isn’t an integral focus of anyone’s work. Cambia Grove is working to impact change by providing accessible education and resources to people working to improve the state of health care in our country. 

Working in an environment that is both collaborative and community focused is highly motiving and makes it easy to want to come to work every day. Everyone involved in Cambia Grove, whether it be our team or the innovators who use the coworking space, are driven by a desire to change the health care system. Because of the emphasis on creating a person-focused, economically sustainable system, I have had the opportunity to participate in invigorating discussions about everything from social determinants of health to best practices in startup funding. 

Rather than any sort of monetary exchange, Cambia Grove operates on a principle of tangible information exchange. Information is their currency.

During my time here, many local and international groups have visited and are stunned by the Cambia Grove model. People often exclaim that “there must be a catch!” – which there is not.

Calling on the Community for Data Solutions

I have spent most of my time at Cambia Grove working on improving the Startup Census with the goal of making it a more applicable and widely-used tool. In rebuilding this tool, the top priority has been to understand the best ways in which it can serve the health innovation community and to implement the census accordingly. Rather than promoting any products or creating revenue, my project to improve the census is strictly focused on creating an information resource and place of connection for the health care community. Many of Cambia Grove’s projects have been centered around this ideology. Success is not tracked by any sort of monetary compensation, but rather by event attendance, feedback, and website visits to determine how much of the community has been reached and the impact of the program on the community. 

Knowing that I am entering the workforce this upcoming summer, it has been very beneficial to learn about so many different parts of health care, startups, and people’s opinions on these topics in a setting that encourages growth and understanding. Most importantly, I will take away the moral aspect of the work done by everyone who works  at Cambia Grove. I hope to always keep in mind the communities I will be reaching as I work and maintain a focus on people. Health care is a large and intimidating subject but remembering to center my work around the learning and fostering of the community, rather than just monetary growth, will help me have a more meaningful long-term personal goal to improve health outcomes of all individuals and their families.


About Resham Puri

Resham Puri assisted Jessica Hauflaire in working on projects that bridge the gap between startups and the traditional health care sectors while Operation Intern at Cambia Grove.

Resham is currently a senior at the University of Washington. She is studying Public Health and has worked in various areas of the industry over the last 3 years. Her interests include innovation and the digital transformation of health care, as well as being involved in the exciting health care startup scene in Seattle.

In her free time, Resham spends hours listening to music and the rest of her expendable income is spent on attending local concerts. She is enjoying her last year being a student at the University of Washington and cheering on the Dawgs. She is an avid skier and loves getting out to the mountains during the winter time. Resham is excited to make an impact in health care and work towards promoting fast paced technological innovation in the health care industry.


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