The Perspective of a Social Health Care Entrepreneur


This fall, Cambia Grove had the privilege of hosting Paul Quiñonez, a YLAI Fellow from Ecuador. The Young Leaders of the Americas Initiative (YLAI) is supported through the US State Department with a goal to strengthen ties throughout the Americas to contribute to a new entrepreneurial ecosystem. Cambia Grove was selected by the World Affairs Council for this hosting opportunity.

Paul is the president of NOVULIS, a startup that provides stationary and mobile dental clinics in Ecuador. 

Below, Paul shares thoughts and reflections from his month at Cambia Grove:

Paul Quiñonez and His Fellowship at Cambia Grove

Maura Little, the Executive Director at Cambia Grove, and I planned a strategy for the four-week YLAI program. I met the team and started to study the 5 Points of Health CareTM on my very first day with them. During my time in Seattle, I had the chance to pitch NOVULIS to the Gates Foundation. I also attended panels at GeekWire and Techstars Seattle Startup Week, having the opportunity to meet dozens of innovators from the health care sector.

I thought, “Wow!" Seattle is the place to be if you want to innovate in health care. Especially if you want to create new products and services using apps, machine learning, AI and IoT. From my perspective, innovators are creating amazing things in Seattle. But, most of them do not understand the existing problem in the American health care system. That’s why visiting Cambia Grove and studying the 5 Points of Health Care can really make a difference.

We, the entrepreneurs, have a “solving problems” mindset. Therefore, once the problem is understood, there is a huge opportunity to collaborate and co-create with others. The market is very big. There will always be a spot for someone who is doing things differently and adding value to the final customer, the patient. Do we really know what our patients’ pain points are? Do we care about the money or do we care about the final outcome for the patient? Do we want to change the world with our solutions? I believe that health care is a human right and that the patient should be in the center of this conversation. In fact, the United Nations set one of the Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 as ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being for all at all ages. I highly recommend following this link to find opportunities that could solve issues even beyond the US Health Care System.

Now that I am at the end of the YLAI Fellowship, I plan to go back to Ecuador and start a big conversation about the main problems in the Ecuadorian health care system. I expect Maura to join me in Quito, early next year, to plant the seed towards a new way of approaching and solving the big global issues in health care.

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Cambia Grove thanks those who welcomed and met with Paul during his time with us in Seattle.
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