Tackling Payment and Incentives in Health Care


Editor's Note: this blog stems from Cambia Grove's Solutions Lab work. This initiative was built upon the idea that the community has all the right ingredients to solve big health care challenges. 

Commitment to our community

Cambia Grove is dedicated to breaking down barriers to innovation through our Solutions Lab. We know that the community has all the right ingredients to solve big health care challenges, and we are focused on tapping into this energy to streamline innovation. This year, we kicked off the Solutions Lab by tackling the topic of data, have made great progress, and look forward to launching our Data Resource Directory in the upcoming months. Our work with data will be ongoing as we pursue additional projects to support the community. Today, we are excited to announce our second Solutions Lab topic: payment and incentives in health care.

Thanks to an abundance of feedback, we have heard consistently that the current health care incentive structure poses a barrier to innovation. The community has communicated that if payment is aligned with value, the health care delivery system will be further incentivized to “pull” innovation from the changemaker community to improve overall quality and affordability. 

Convening stakeholders and identifying opportunities

Our Solutions Lab approach begins by convening stakeholders to understand the detailed challenges and opportunities associated with each topic. To help us better understand the current state of payment reform and to identify areas where the community could add value, we completed interviews with more than 30 stakeholders representing the traditional health care sectors and the entrepreneur community. We then took the community’s valuable insights and distilled them down to common themes and potential community-powered initiatives.*

We shared a working document of the initial findings at the Washington Health Alliance Affordability Summit. Participants focused on the road to affordable health care in Washington, and we were thrilled to include the innovation community’s perspective in this critical conversation.

Catalyzing community-powered solutions

We will begin identifying high-impact projects and collectively select solutions to catalyze. We invite you to check out our working summary, and encourage you to share feedback and guidance for the best path forward.

Thank you for all of your input as we continue driving towards a more person-focused and economically-sustainable health care system.

Please submit questions and comments to:

Julie Panek Anderson, Assistant Director of Strategic Initiatives, Cambia Grove, julie@cambiagrove.com
Dr. Bob Crittenden, Executive in Residence, Cambia Grove, bob@cambiagrove.com

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*NOTE: All stakeholder interviews were conducted in confidence to enable candid discussion and open dialogue; feedback has been anonymized and summarized.