Time flies…but you are the pilot


I drive by an assisted living facility on my way home every day. The facility has an old-fashioned reader board by the side of the road that often displays announcements about events or job opportunities. On my first day home after the new year, the reader board read “Time flies…but you are the pilot.” The statement got me thinking about how we as a community have the power to make incredible changes. The deciding factor is how we choose to pilot.

Many of the problems that exist today in our health care system exist because of the system. By definition, a system is a set of connected things or parts forming a complex whole. Yes, the health care system is complicated. And yes, there is a lot at stake in making changes to the system. But there is also a lot at stake if we don’t make changes. The system is not impenetrable. It was created by people and it can be changed by people.

The work we do at Cambia Grove is fueled by the notion that our community has all of the right ingredients to lead the nation in health care transformation. We believe that transformation is within our reach. The next phase of the Cambia Grove will build upon the community momentum of the past three years to accelerate solutions, enabling innovation to flow freely within the health care system. We will set our sights on topic areas, chipping away at shared community barriers that prevent us from advancing a more person-centric, economically sustainable health care system.

I hope that you will join us as we launch our 2018 strategic plan on January 17. We look forward to working with the community as we pilot the change we wish to see in our health care system.