Under the Boughs Brings Obama’s Former U.S. CTO to Discuss Data-fueled, Patient-centric Health Care Innovation


After a brief summer hiatus, the Cambia Grove and Lee Hunstman are back to inject more thoughtful dialog into the region’s digital health community. On Sept. 14, the Under the Boughs series will welcome former U.S. CTO Aneesh Chopra, who will talk with Huntsman about ways to support the movement for data-fueled, patient-centric health care innovation.

Chopra, through his past work as U.S. CTO and with the CARIN Alliance, is helping lead the charge to empower consumers and their authorized caregivers to get, use and share their digital health information more easily. Chopra and others like him see vast potential for data to help consumers achieve their health goals. And as new data standards like FHIR and requirements around interoperability become more widely implemented, the digital health community should be thinking creatively around how to better support consumer needs.

The discussion at this Under the Boughs is part of the national conversation about placing people at the center of care delivery. Special attention will be paid to open health data and APIs. Questions discussed will include: How can open health data fuel new care models? What are the associated policy and technical levers we can pull to simplify data ingestion, preparation, and use by the care team? How does the movement toward open data mesh with the other forces driving change in health care delivery and financing?

An informal networking session will follow the conversation. At the end of this event, we’ll also be celebrating the end of summer with a special barbeque—please come join us on the deck, weather permitting!

About the Series:

Lee Huntsman, the host of Under the Boughs, is the UW President Emeritus whose vision has helped nurture and shape the health care innovation community in the region. Sponsored by BioEngage, an outreach effort of UW Bioengineering, the Under the Boughs series brings together the Health Innovators Collaborative and the Cambia Grove communities for inspired dialog that seeks to provide deep insights, fresh ideas and community connections.

About Our Guest Speaker:

Aneesh Chopra is the President of CareJourney, a member-driven company that harnesses open health data to provide insights and workflow for population health organizations. He served as the first U.S. Chief Technology Officer and authored, "Innovative State: How New Technologies can Transform Government.”

Chopra is also a co-founder of Hunch Analytics. Hunch Analytics is dedicated to harnessing newly available data to help improve provider efficiency and consumer outcomes in health care and education. As a data analytics company, Hunch Analytics creates products and provides services to health care, education and other institutions to scrutinize publicly-available data with algorithms and tools that help them make better business decisions. The venture was co-founded in 2013 by Chopra and technology executive Dan Ross, and is led by former MicroStrategy co-founder Sanju K. Bansal.