U.S. Senator Patty Murray Visits the Cambia Grove

Today, Cambia Grove anchor partners, representatives from the advisory board, and our team had the honor of welcoming Senator Patty Murray to the Cambia Grove. We were grateful for the opportunity to speak with her in a small group about our progress toward achieving the “Triple Aim” in health care for Washington State. The “Triple Aim,” as described by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, focuses on optimizing the patient experience in terms of quality and satisfaction, while improving the well-being of populations and reducing per capita cost.  

Our lively discussion with Senator Murray included key anchor partner representatives,as well as advisory board members; Maura Little, Director of Life Sciences and Global Health Development for Gov. Jay Inslee, and Rick Rubin, President of OneHealthPort.  As ranking member of the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and pensions Committee, Senator Murray is a strong advocate for the health and welfare of citizens nationwide.  It was a pleasure to hear her perspective on topics that we have addressed and continue to work on here at the Cambia Grove. Her work to improve health care quality and coverage for all Americans is in perfect alignment with the Cambia Cause: To serve as a catalyst to transform health care, creating a person-focused and economically sustainable health care system.

In the three months since our grand opening, we have seen an uptick in engagement at our events and frequent use of the space by community stakeholders like the Washington Health Alliance, Seattle Health Innovators and the Health Innovation Leadership Network. This is what we aspired to build when we were creating the Cambia Grove concept. Thus, we are grateful for Senator Murray’s interest in the community we are building, and the change we hope to bring about in the health care sector. 

“The Cambia Grove is playing an essential role in building a community that is focused on bringing together key stakeholders who work together in the spirit of true collaboration and innovation to improve our health care system,” said Senator Murray.

We are continuously finding engagement with issues it will take our entire community – payers, providers, employers, entrepreneurs, investors and consumers – to address. We invite you to see for yourself why the Cambia Grove was awarded Newcomer of the Year by GeekWire readers. Come make new connections and expand the expertise your health care startup needs to thrive. Use the space to mobilize Seattle’s health care sector on behalf of issues that need more traction.  Most importantly, leverage our space and team to advance your vision for what Seattle’s health care sector needs to take its place among thriving industry hubs like the Bay Area, Nashville and Boston.

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