We are the ones we've been looking for


My competitive soccer days have long come to an end — this was painfully obvious after trying to play in an adult league last fall only to ‘retire’ with an assortment of unimpressive injuries — but I still remember an afterschool practice back in the late 90’s…

Coach Joe, in his Irish brogue and with the intensity of former English Premier League youth team player, was running our middle school aged team through a series of crossing drills we had likely lost interest in before we’d even started. I was never a skilled dribbler, never really had a knack for scoring goals, lacked all kinds of confidence, but I was relatively fast and a little aggressive and being left footed, had carved out my spot on the leftwing. While lobbing ball after ball in front of the goal, Coach Joe stopped the drill, yelled across the field: “We need to be scoring more of these opportunities! We have the best crosser of the ball in the league on our team!” He gestured in my direction and the team turned to look my way. I turned around too, excited to see who this supposedly ‘great crosser’ was behind me. There was no one there.

One question we often ask in our work at Cambia Grove is, who’s going to take the first step to making big changes? Is it the payers? Maybe the providers? The policymakers?

We ask this somewhat rhetorically because there is never strong alignment and one direction to look. Now we know. There is no one behind us. We are the ones who we must look for

We come from all backgrounds. We work within the 5 Points of Health Care™, we come from community-based organizations, big tech, academia, the service industry, the investment world, and more. We are motivated to consider career transitions to somehow get involved with health care. We are seasoned health care professionals looking to bring change back to our organizations. 

We are united in the deep belief that we can and must do more to ensure health care is more patient focused and economically sustainable. We know that we need to be the ones to initiate these transformations.

To this end, Cambia Grove is proud to announce a membership to better connect this vibrant community of health innovators. Based on consistent feedback and numerous conversations with innovators in our network we heard that there is considerable need to bring together a national network of likeminded individuals to more quickly catalyze health care innovations. This membership includes the following:

  • Early access to Cambia Grove reports (including playbooks, Landscape Reports, etc.)  
  • Access to national network of health care innovators to collaborate on special projects 
  • Access to a national job board 
  • Access to forum to discuss current health care trends, news, and policies with colleagues across the country 
  • Ability to connect with members to identify common barriers and best practices in the health care industry 
  • Access to members-only networking events 
  • Complimentary access to any Cambia Grove-organized event and access to member-only events  
  • Priority registration timeframe for all Cambia Grove events 
  • Complimentary two-hour reservations per day for Seattle meeting rooms (upon availability)
  • And more…

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One foundational best practice that we know to be true is that we collectively possess all the tools needed to make whatever transformations we wish a reality. By virtue of being in our network, by reading these words, we are connected and therefore empowered to convene around a shared cause, identify common barriers, and catalyze the necessary solutions together. By joining the conversations Cambia Grove helps facilitate, by becoming a member of this larger work, we will make health care more patient centered and financially sustainable together.

Onward together,


Nick joined Cambia Grove in July 2018 to amplify the work throughout the health innovation community. His primary focus is elevating the programmatic messaging and ensuring that the needs of our community are firmly represented in the pursuit of a customer centric, economic sustainable health care system.

Nick is drawn to this work for the vast potential impacts a transformed health care system could have for people from every socioeconomic background. In his previous roles, Nick served as a political campaign operative and consultant for 8 years focused building community to take on tough challenges at many levels of elected office across the country. In 2015, he joined Food Lifeline’s development team eventually transitioning into a community programs role where he lead a hunger and health intervention for food insecure type 2 diabetics. In this role, Nick had the privilege of working with representatives from a broad cross-section of the health care industry to develop and launch a robust pilot program with Sea Mar Community Health Centers. 

Outside of work, Nick and his wife, Molly, enjoy being parents to baby Eilis and 18-pound cat baby named C.C. Nick relishes any opportunity to sign up and not properly train for half and full marathons, gardening, and exploring every corner of Washington state.