The Cambia Grove Pledge

Putting People First in Health Care

The Cambia Grove is a different kind of space for a different kind of community. We don’t exist to just innovate for its own sake. Our aim is to bring industry leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators together to realize a new health care system and build the 2.0 health care economy, right here in Seattle.

How will we convert good ideas to reality? Through collaboration and teamwork. The common focus for our work will be the Community Pledge. Visit the Cambia Grove to find a community of kindred spirits who share your commitment to change.

The Cambia Grove Pledge: I am committed to transforming our health care system to be economically sustainable and centered on individuals and their families.

Our pledge keeps our focus on transformational work that transcends the silos of the health care industry and unites historical competitors on a common mission. We invite you to use our resources, space and community if the work you do with us aligns with the Community Pledge.

Join us in blazing a path toward a better, more person-focused health care experience.


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