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CaregiverZone is a service that unravels the complexities that too often accompany choices surrounding eldercare. Our analyses of cutting-edge research empower older adults & their caregivers to make well-informed decisions to challenging yet common questions (e.g., is age proofing one’s home effective?). Our insights are the subject of CaregiverZone’s upcoming guidebook to successful aging – How to Age – that walks older adults & caregivers through 12 critical choices people face as they age.
Our mission is to help older adults and their caregivers make confident, informed and personalized decisions surrounding eldercare.
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How to Age
How to Age is a digital health electronic guidebook helping older adults and their caregivers make confident, informed and personalized decisions surrounding eldercare.
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Digital Health - A digital health solution is a technology-based solution whose user is caring for or providing care for themselves (think of a personal app) or another individual (such as a doctor using a tool to help their patient)
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Professor Arthur Kleinman of Harvard University has spoken extensively on the difficulty that many older adults and their caregivers face when trying to navigate the eldercare system. As I and many of the older adults with whom I volunteer share Professor Kleinman’s sense of confusion and uncertainty when making critical decisions surrounding aging, his words have resonated with me. The factors surrounding eldercare choices are complex. Financial status and goals, proximity to doctors and loved ones, health status, presence of a partner, etc. must all be considered. CaregiverZone works to aid older adults and their care takers in analyzing these personal factors to make confident, informed age-related decisions.
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To help aging adults and their loved ones make clear, precise eldercare choices, CaregiverZone evaluates and then shares leading research findings in the field of aging. Some of these findings include whether or not age-proofing one’s home is effective in preventing injury and how quality of social relationships can prevent cognitive decline. This research will be featured in CaregiverZone’s guidebook to successful aging – How to Age – that walks readers through 12 of the most important yet common questions that older adults and caregivers confront when making eldercare choices. Through the guidebook, CaregiverZone not only aims to make empirically-backed information more accessible to the public but also aspires to instigate thought-provoking conversations among adults and their families who face age-related questions and concerns.
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Currently, CaregiverZone’s website ( provides all readers with weekly research analyses on age-related studies. How to Age, the guidebook to prosperous aging, is in the process of being written and is projected to be published in Spring 2021. Updates on How to Age can be found at Suggestions for and inquires about the guidebook can be sent to