Artemis Connection Releases Initial Results of Seattle Startup Survey

The results of Artemis Connection's Seattle Startup Survey are in...

In late winter of 2016, the good folks at Artemis Connection realized there was something different about the startup community here in Seattle—particularly when it came to race and gender. Martha Burwell, an independent consultant, and Ruchika Tulshyan, a journalist focused on the workplace, both agreed and they set out to launch a survey that would give them the missing piece to the puzzle.

After all, Seattle is home to some of the most data-driven companies in the world. But unlike Silicon Valley, there isn't any data about the experiences and the identities of the people that make up these companies.

(Some Of) Their Findings:

  • There aren’t enough women and racial minorities getting the opportunities & networks needed for success.
  • While a full one-third of men think women are treated unfairly in the workplace in general, just 10% of respondents agree that women are treated unfairly in their workplace.
  • Parents are perceived to be higher risk start-up employees, and women are likely to be busier with families and less able to dedicate themselves fully to the job.
  • Startups in Seattle are viewed as a meritocracies, yet people believe men have more opportunities to succeed.
  • While in principle there are company policies in place to address parental needs, many are still concerned that in a fast-paced business environment, these cause parents to be out of the loop and potentially miss out on key opportunities.

Read the blog & full report here.

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