Convene Stakeholders

  • Based on feedback from our stakeholders, we chose to focus on data as the first topic for the Solutions Lab
  • Health data is a complex topic, and challenges and opportunities in this space vary greatly depending on perspective
  • To understand the full scope of opportunities, we interviewed 74 stakeholders representing 55 unique organizations* 
  • Our interviews covered the traditional health care sectors, the entrepreneur community, and enterprise organizations committed to innovation in health care 

Identify Challenges and Opportunities 

  • We then took the community’s valuable insights and distilled them down to eight common themes and 19 potential community-powered solutions
  • We created an inventory of initial findings and immediately began to work on the highest priority opportunity 

Catalyze Solutions

  1. Data Resource Directory: While data is abundant in the health care system, it is difficult to access. To bridge this gap, we built a Data Resource Directory, which connects our community with the resources they need  
  2. Fellowship Program: It also became clear that the community wants to use real data to drive towards meaningful change; in response, Cambia Grove created the Innovator Fellowship Program! In 2019 we partnered with Fred Hutch to provide entrepreneurs with an opportunity to tackle big data challenges. In 2020 Cambia Grove convened partners from around the country to support the Innovator Fellows in advancing interoperability. Check out their final projects here
  3. Interoperability Summit: Empowering Consumers with Data: Cambia Grove hosted a two-day event that convened innovators and health care leaders from across the country to learn how to overcome current barriers to transforming the system to become interoperable for consumers
  4. We continue to revisit our inventory and develop solutions for other high-priority challenges; to learn more about this Solutions Lab topic and next steps, please visit this blog post and stay tuned for updates in the upcoming months by signing up for our newsletter

*NOTE: All stakeholder interviews were conducted in confidence to enable candid discussion and open dialogue; feedback has been anonymized and summarized.

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