State Health Access Data Assistance Center
SHADAC is a multidisciplinary health policy research center with a focus on state policy. Our staff members represent a broad range of expertise, ranging from economics, statistics and evaluation to sociology and journalism. We are passionate about the importance of using sound data to inform policy decisions, and work collaboratively with our clients to achieve results. SHADAC translates complex findings into actionable information that is accessible to a broad audience.
Organization Contact
Caroline Au Yeung

State Health Compare

State Health Compare allows users to generate customized reports for a range of state-level health estimates, drawing on multiple data sources.

Steps Required to Obtain Data
Users generate estimates directly through the tabulator.
On average, how long does it take to access the data?
A few seconds.
Claims & Transactions
Population, Public Health & Social Services
Intended End User
General Public
Data Type
Data Format
Additional Processing Required
Is the data identifiable?
Real or Synthetic Data
Data is Updated
Annually as new survey estimates become available
Free of Charge?