Leavitt Partners Insight
Leavitt Partners is a health care intelligence business. We help clients navigate the evolving role of value in health care by informing, advising, and convening industry leaders on value market analytics, alternative payment models, federal strategies, insurance market insights, and alliances. Through our family of businesses, we provide investment support, data and analytics, member-based alliances, and direct services to clients to support decision-making strategies in the value economy.
Organization Contact
John Fiacco

Torch Insight

Torch Insight, from Leavitt Partners, provides comprehensive and accurate data on the unique attributes of ACOs, bundled payments, hospitals, physician groups, insurance carriers, and more. We make complex decisions easier by aggregating multiple data sources in a user-friendly platform. Our team has integrated and linked thousands of variables from public and proprietary data sources, allowing clients to quickly answer complex questions that traditional data resources can't solve on their own.

Steps Required to Obtain Data
We have a simple license agreement that generally requires no revisions from our clients. Access can be provided the same day that the agreement is signed.
On average, how long does it take to access the data?
The data is available on demand via the internet.
Claims & Transactions
Administration & Operations
Population, Public Health & Social Services
Originating Data Source
A wide range of sources
Intended End User
Data Type
Data Format
SaaS-based delivery with csv downloads available for all data; APIs are available too.
Additional Processing Required
Is the data identifiable?
Data is Updated
Data is updated at varying frequencies depending upon the source, and ranges from daily to annual updates.
Free of Charge?
Varies based on uses