Washington State Office of Financial Management
The Office of Financial Management (OFM) supplies vital information, fiscal services and policy support that the Governor, Legislature and state agencies need to serve the people of Washington. In 2014, the Legislature directed OFM to establish the Washington State All-Payer Claims Database (WA-APCD).
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Washington State All-Payer Claims Database (WA-APCD)

The WA-APCD is the state's most complete source of health and dental insurance data. It contains claims from more than 30 commercial health care payers; the Medicaid program, including its five managed care plans; and Medicare Advantage, the HMO products for Medicare members. The WA-APCD has historical claims data starting in 2013, and each calendar quarter, the most current claims data are added to the all-payer dataset. Data from Washington's workers' compensation program are also available.

Steps Required to Obtain Data
The WA-APCD request process is run by the WA-APCD lead organization, the Oregon Health & Science University - Center for Health Systems Effectiveness. Detailed information about the data request process can be found on the WA-APCD website: https://www.wahealthcarecompare.com/wa-apcd-data-requests. Data requesters must complete an application, which will be reviewed against allowable uses defined in statute and rule, and are encouraged to discuss their data needs with lead organization staff before submitting the application.
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The WA-APCD are updated on a quarterly basis.
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Depends on request.