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Mixed Reality Training Solutions in Support of COVID-19
Mixed Reality training solutions to enable proper training and education of healthcare practitioners with immediate focus on scenarios highly relevant to COVID-19 specific needs.
Category of Innovation
Innovative Services - Innovative services include new processes, policies or procedures in the health care system that do not fall into the other health care innovation categories
Intended End User
Provider - Individuals or organizations responsible for providing care to patients (e.g. doctors, nurses, hospital/clinic administrators, etc.)
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Problem (i.e. barrier, issue, complication, etc.) being solved for the end user
COVID-19 presents many operational challenges that are not day to day normal procedure for health workers. Furthermore, training is more difficult than normal due to the high contagion environment (i.e. - training to turn a patient hooked up to a ventilator in a CO-19 environment while wearing PPE is unusual and a virtual environment could assist).
Idea/solution to the problem, if applicable
Produce virtual / mixed reality training scenarios that allow healthcare workers to train in a safe environment and consume 'virtual' equipment (PPE) versus actual product.
Level of adoption (i.e. list of customers/users, testimonials, etc.), if applicable
Early discussions with Providence identified this would be a highly desireable solution.
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Grant funded
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