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Q&A roundtable discussions are conducted by members of the community to provide opportunities for a small group discussion with subject matter experts.

There are 8 seats at the table for the 90-minute discussion.

A few days prior, we will send out "Confirmation Required" emails to registrants. You must email back to confirm your spot or we will have to release your ticket.

If you are an early stage startup or a researcher with the newest technology, join Cecilia Zapata-Harms of Elev8Bio to discuss startup strategic development. Cecilia can help identify product market fit, target audience and funding from seed to expansion.


Cecilia Zapata-Harms, MS, MHA has held leadership  positions  in strategy, joint venture startup and  program administration. Her career spans more than 30+ years in life science/biotechnology and healthcare  industry. Cecilia started her tenure as a strategic planning expert at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research  in the early 1990s. She  then became the Program Administrator for the Molecular Pharmacology, Clinical Research Division under the  leadership of Dr. Lee Hartwell and Dr. Stephen  Friend. The Seattle Project, as it was known in 1994, landed  Cecilia  as  Project  Officer  for  the  National  Cancer  Institute  as  part  of  the  contract  agreement  with  the  Seattle  Project.

Cecilia  was  part  of  the  original  team  that  founded  Rosetta  Inpharmatics  which  eventually  became a Merck division. In 1998, the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance (SCCA) was formed and Cecilia’s  skills  as a project manager and strategic planner were recruited to assist with the relocation of clinical staff and programs  to  its new facility. Cecilia held  the position of Director of Strategic Development for the SCCA for two years and  eventually became the Director of Affiliate Network and Strategic  Outreach,  holding  that  role  for  13  years.

In the summer of 2017, Cecilia  returned to her life science and biotechnology  roots  as  Chief  Executive Officer  for  Elev8Bio; a company  that  provides  life  science/biotech  startups  the  infrastructure  to support  overall  business growth  from  taking  scientific  innovation  as  a  startup,  investment  raise  and  ongoing  management.