Beyond the Hype: Real Applications of Blockchain for Health Care

Event | July 26th, 2017

Blockchain is all over the news as the next big thing for health care, but is the potential real?

Join us to learn from an executive panel of health care pioneers who believe in the promise of blockchain and are taking steps to prove it by solving real health care challenges. These pioneers will discuss:

  • Blockchain 101 for business–highlighting use cases that will materially change the cost and delivery of health care
  • Market momentum across industries and within health care
  • How and why to start exploring

Our panelists are all actively working on initiatives in blockchain for health care and will share their experiences and challenges with this new technology, so that you can devise a strategy for your organization.

Our panel:

  • Dr. Oxana Pickeral – Global Segment Lead, Health Care & Life Sciences, Amazon Web Services
  • Lisa Maki – CEO, PokitDok
  • Chris Young – Vice President of New Virtual Market Development & Incubations, Ascension Health
  • Max Janasik (Moderator) – Vice President of Innovation, Cambia Health Solutions
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