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See the innovation 2019 TRAILS Competition Winner and Co-Founder of BrainChild Technologies, Carly Kiselycznyk, PhD, developed to help track an infant’s hearing and cognitive development. Join as she discusses how her pacifier aims to detect early issues such as hearing loss so providers and parents can pursue effective and immediate interventions.

Carly will also share the lessons she learned after her solution was embedded in three children’s hospitals including: Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital and Seattle Children’s Hospital.

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BIO: Carly Kiselycznyk, Founder & CEO, BrainChild Technologies

Carly Kiselycznyk, PhD was trained in neuroscience at the NIH, Karolinska Institute, and Yale University. Leveraging her expertise in behavioral neuroscience, she recognized the opportunity to apply academic techniques to help everyday caregivers understand their infant’s experience and cognitive development. She and her co-founders formed BrainChild Technologies to create an off-the-shelf version of an existing pacifier tool from academic baby labs, with the initial goal of helping caregivers identify hearing issues in infants. BrainChild Technologies has since gained recognition through multiple innovation networks for pediatric medical devices and early childhood, including CTIP, Cambia Grove, NeuroLaunch, Promise Studio’s Early Futures, and Futurebound, as well as winning SBIR awards from the NSF and NIH. Dr. Kiselycznyk also served as a grants officer and technology transition advisor for medical products at the DoD and has since leveraged her experience as both a government funder and awardee to help others develop a grant strategy