Office Hours: Who is Your Customer & Who Will Pay?

Event | November 14th, 2018

Office Hours are conducted by members of the community to provide one-on-one appointments with startups and entrepreneurs working toward health care transformation. There will be 4 one-on-one time slots, 30 minutes each, making up two hours in total.

A few days prior, we will send out "Confirmation Required" emails to registrants. You must email back to confirm your spot or we will have to release your ticket.

Join Dr. Marc Miller, Chief Medical Officer of the Polyclinic, to review your business model and strategy. Topics include defining who your true customers are; who’ll pay for your solution and are they at financial risk; are you targeting the right individuals and decision makers; and help with your strategy questions and understanding the payer ecosystem.

Target Audience: Entrepreneurs, Founders, and C-level for early stage to post revenue companies across health care verticals.

Bio: Marc’s background includes working with start-ups in a variety of healthcare spaces in the U.S. and overseas; Board of Directors; private equity advising; pre and post IPO (NYSE) corporate officer; and both operational and medical management C-level roles in payor and provider organizations. He is currently Chief Medical Officer of the Polyclinic. His clinical focus was preventive medicine and occupational medicine. Marc gets excited by innovation, especially counter-intuitive solutions, that can impact the healthcare of large numbers of people at once, while not being limited by the four walls of the hospital and traditional clinic settings.

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