SFWL event: Preliminary Presentation of WA State Workforce Study and Keynote

Event | March 23rd, 2017

As leadership in Washington, D.C., changes, many questions have emerged regarding how the new administration will prioritize advancing a more diverse workforce. What is the status of the White House Office of Women and Girls? Will the new administration continue to fund research and development projects? What is the future of the Affordable Care Act and women’s health? And how can our voices in Washington state be heard while these decisions are being made?

Please join us as we hear from our D.C. insiders about the future of diversity in the workplace. We will also be joined by Maura Little, Governor Inslee’s Life Science and Global Health Sector Lead, who will share preliminary results of a federally funded state workforce project that seeks to advance diversity here at home. 

About the Series:

Our region struggles with issues of equity, diversity and inclusion in much the same way other regions struggle with these challenges. The Puget Sound, in the form of the public and private organizations—including community organizations, residents, businesses, local governments, and philanthropic groups—have committed to addressing these challenges head-on, and with as much creativity and urgency as we can muster.

The Spring Forward with Women Leaders event series grows out of our region's collective commitment to do better on topics such as gender pay equity, diversity and inclusion in leadership. The focus is on technical and STEM-based fields—including technology, healthcare, entrepreneurship and investing.

To see some of the artifacts from last's year's series, visit the 2016 series landing page.

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