Under The Boughs: A High-Tech, High-Touch Vision for Health Care

Event | May 30th, 2017

Health care is ripe for the type of technological disruption that has already impacted other industries. In health care, artificial intelligence is being used to change the way we diagnose and treat illness. Technology is fueling the movement toward a more personalized version of health care. And technology is also impacting the consumer journey, supporting more robust models of community, improving the patient experience and helping consumers make better decisions about their health even before they become patients.

For this installment of Under the Boughs, host Lee Huntsman—UW President Emeritus and health care visionary—will be joined by Accolade CEO Rajeev Singh. Singh's previous company Concur played a central part in the disruption of the travel services industry, and now Accolade aims to do the same for healthcare.

Join us on May 30 at the Cambia Grove as we discuss the challenges and opportunities for incumbents and startups and evaluate the key areas of health care being disrupted by new technologies. Singh will also talk about the vision and inspiration behind Accolade’s platform—technological disruption combined with a high degree of human touch. 

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