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In the Groove, LLC and A. C. Tourniquet, LLC

MI manufacturer of innovative, often patented medical devices that are FDA Class 1: In the Groove knee retrainer, patented, provides immediate relief of side to side knee pain and is often not needed after 4-6 weeks. Helped inventor delay knee replacement 20 years. Another Chance Tourniquet, 2 patents, quickest easiest to use correctly with pictorial instructions on band itself, 3 variations - 1 for dialysis patients, cloth mask designed by standard of U of Chicago under Navy grant, more to go.
MI manufacturer that does R and D for medical devices that are patented, US made to improve quality of life or save it.
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Startup - Newly established businesses, investable
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7600 Madeline Street
Saginaw, 48609
United States

Another Chance Tourniquet
Quickest, easiest to use tourniquet, 2 patents, 1 more pending with pictorial instructions on band itself. 3 variations, most intuitive with metal spring buckle, another is lightest only 0.6 oz and other is dual pressure - stop primary bleed without pain or pressure rest of band, (this would be critical for dialysis patients who would die in seconds if port is compromised)
Invited to Quantico this Jan to present products - all well received
Cloth mask with specs of U of Chicago by Navy Grant
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Digital Health - A digital health solution is a technology-based solution whose user is caring for or providing care for themselves (think of a personal app) or another individual (such as a doctor using a tool to help their patient)
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Patient - Individuals who receive health care
Provider - Individuals or organizations responsible for providing care to patients (e.g. doctors, nurses, hospital/clinic administrators, etc.)
Payer - Organizations responsible for issuing or administering payment for the care received by a population of people (e.g. insurance companies)
Purchaser - Organizations responsible for purchasing health benefits for a population of people (e.g. employers or government entities)
Startup - newly established business, investable
Vendor - i.e. established company, non-startup
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Problem (i.e. barrier, issue, complication, etc.) being solved for the end user
Not great marketer and quarantine has shifted priorities.
Moving foreword with company, I researched cloth masks to manufacture one that is both wearable with time and meets standards of effective mask without claiming protection.
Need help to get these great products to those who need them and bring jobs to MI.
With quarantine restrictions slowly lifting, sales are just beginning to come back and hopefully take off.
Idea/solution to the problem, if applicable
Tourniquets that are simple, quick and effective to stop bleeding and death. In any shooting event, military or civilian, 30% of deaths are tourniquet related. Have game on website to see if gamer can find and use tourniquet in time to save a life. Hopefully will educate people on proper usage. Also free quick reference guide to download showing best places to apply tourniquet.
Knee retrainer is based upon physical therapy exercise that aligns bones of leg behind knee cap to allow it to track in the groove while resetting muscle memory and reducing further damage to knee joint.
Cloth mask designed to stop dust and droplets more effectively than some that people use. Some are only 1% effective giving false hope. Properly made according to U of Chicago study they can be 90%+ effective while N95 is effective against 95% bacterial it is only 60% effective against virus which can be 1/100 size of bacteria.
Continue to develop simple FDA Class 1 waived products to improve quality of life and help preserve life itself.
Level of adoption (i.e. list of customers/users, testimonials, etc.), if applicable
Sales to VAMC in many states along with sales to local government police and fire departments along with physical therapy companies and individuals who want to improve their quality of life. Also construction companies and families of service personnel. Testimonials from individuals who have MS as knee retrainer helps restore normal gait, Veterans, stroke patients, 13 year old gymnast who got her career back after injury and is now in Coast Guard after winning State competition and others.
Impact (i.e. measurable outcomes), if applicable
Knee retrainer has changed lives of many people: stroke patient who was hemiplegic following her husbands death and was to go to nursing home, but since she could put this knee retrainer on one handed, she was able to stay in her home. A year later she showed me picture of her on water ski with grand children enjoying MI lakes. Veteran was able to get off pain medications, another ran 5 miles for the first time in 5 years and came back with others to booth at Ft. Detrick Vendor Day and over 40 active duty fitted with knee retrainers allowing a few trainers to go back to active duty. Tourniquet, police stated: Police lives matter too, I have to carry ...but I carry ACT for me and he showed me his ankle holster with ACT in it. Others stated that loop band does not shred expensive uniform, washable if got dirty during training maneuvers instead of repurchasing and many more.
Funding Stage
Series A
List of Funding Sources (if applicable)
3 investors of 5-10K, rest by Alice Brown either from personal loan or sales