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HealthTree Foundation

The HealthTree Foundation is a patient-driven, 501(c)3 non-profit organization that empowers patients with rare diseases at each step of their disease journey - from diagnosis, through education, care, and on to a cure.
The Foundation was founded in 2012 by multiple myeloma patient Jenny Ahlstrom to simplify information for patients and encourage them to participate in clinical trials and to proactively support gaps in existing research funding.
The mission of the CrowdCare Foundation is to improve patient outcomes by removing barriers to a cure.
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Non-Profit/Community-Based Organization
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3315 Mayflower Way, Suite 2
Lehi, UT 84043
United States

HealthTree Cure Hub
HealthTree Cure Hub is a data platform that puts the power of artificial intelligence and precision medicine into the hands of everyday patients. It unlocks the power of their own medical data to enable them to find new treatments and accelerate a cure for previously incurable diseases.
Category of Innovation
Digital Health - A digital health solution is a technology-based solution whose user is caring for or providing care for themselves (think of a personal app) or another individual (such as a doctor using a tool to help their patient)
Intended End User
Patient - Individuals who receive health care
Provider - Individuals or organizations responsible for providing care to patients (e.g. doctors, nurses, hospital/clinic administrators, etc.)
Impactful Innovation Stage (Click Here for Details)
Problem (i.e. barrier, issue, complication, etc.) being solved for the end user
Research has shown that newly diagnosed patients may encounter a multitude of health care challenges with regard to their disease (i.e. rare diseases, cancers, etc.). At diagnosis, patients ask vital questions about their care but due to a lack of shared patient data each patient has to make these decisions relatively in the dark. Could aggregating patient health data remove these challenges and improve patient outcomes?
Idea/solution to the problem, if applicable
A free online patient-driven platform that provides complete access to participating patient health data.
Level of adoption (i.e. list of customers/users, testimonials, etc.), if applicable
- Over 8,500 users (patients) which equates to 5% of all those diagnosed with multiple myeloma cancer.
- Support from major pharmaceutical companies (Adaptive, Celgene, Fidelity, Genentech, GSK, Sanofi, and Takeda)
- Support from institutions and specialists (Mayo Clinic - Scottsdale, Memorial Sloan Kettering, University of California - San Diego Health, and more).

- Out of many user testimonials, one patient, Steve R., recounts logging into HealthTree after receiving discouraging results regarding his multiple myeloma treatment options. He discovered a personalized treatment option that ultimately reversed his course for the better. He states, "For me, using HealthTree was a life-saving experience."
Impact (i.e. measurable outcomes), if applicable
500-1000 attendees per year to our specialist's moderated round tables for patients and caregivers.
4,000+ viewers of our 2020 virtual Round Table.
6,815 Number of personalized treatment options generated.
5 Scientific publications
4 in progress scientific publications
Funding Stage
Not Applicable
List of Funding Sources (if applicable)
Our funding comes from private (35%) and non-private (65%) donations.