Incentivizing Health Hackathon FAQs


What is a hackathon?

“Broadly, hackathons are events in which community members collaborate to solve problems. They assume many different forms, but most are designed to bring [stakeholders] from various career stages and backgrounds together to create shareable solutions to problems of common interest. Hackathons can span one or multiple days, are often semi-structured with a great deal of flexibility, and unfold dynamically through attendee interactions. They aim to encourage full participation of attendees, often by dividing into small interdisciplinary groups tasked with completing specific goals. Ideally, these events empower [participants] to contribute and learn, and welcome [participants] from a wide range of institutions and communities to facilitate the cross-pollination of ideas and knowledge (Craddock et al., 2016).”  (

What is the goal of this hackathon?

Optimized incentives are critical to the advancement of impactful innovation in health care.  Our goal is to build upon years of experience in this space, bring new perspectives to the table, and catalyze further action.  Each team will be tasked with developing a solution to the same overall problem.  Problem statement: People in the U.S. experience poor health outcomes because there is a lack of incentives for stakeholders to prioritize prevention and health throughout the entire course of a person’s lifetime.

What will the teams be expected to create?

Teams will be expected to develop care and payment models that align stakeholder incentives with health. Teams will be given great freedom and flexibility to define the details of their solutions; however, they will be encouraged to incorporate key considerations including equity & inclusion, alternative payment models, technology, re-defining value, and social influences. 

How many people will be involved?

We will accept applications for 100 participants (10 teams of 10) who will be supported by 10-15 facilitators and volunteers.

Who will be attending? 

Each team will consist of at least one stakeholder from each of the 5 Points of Health CareTM (patients, providers, payers, policymakers, purchasers) as well as other aligned stakeholders such as non-profits/community-based organizations, startups/entrepreneurs, vendors, professional service providers, innovation hubs, researchers/academics and more! On each team, we will embed subject matter expertise in the areas including equity & inclusion, alternative payment models, funding, patents, software development, data interoperability and entrepreneurship.

How will the teams be created?

Participants will be pre-assigned to teams based on their affiliation, geography and subject matter expertise.  

Do I need to have coding experience to participate?

No! Solutions will not be required to include technology components. The only requirements for participation are an interest in aligning incentives with health and willingness to bring your unique perspective to the table. 

Am I required to attend both days and be active during the entire duration of the event?

We do require you to actively participate throughout the event, but we understand that you may need to periodically step away.  You will be expected to keep your teammates up to speed on your availability.

Is the event free?

Yes, but please note that unlike many Cambia Grove events, only a limited number of applications will be accepted. 

When is the application deadline?

January 14, 2021 @11:59 pm PT. 

When will I hear back?

We will be in touch with all applicants by January 21, 2021. In the meantime, please hold February 4 – 5, 2021 on your calendars for the virtual event.

My application was not accepted.  What happened?

First, thank you for applying. Your interest in transforming the health care system is what is needed to achieve better health.  Unfortunately, for this event we have a pre-determined number of spots to fill, and we will be filling them to reflect a wide variety of perspectives, geographies, and areas of expertise.  Certain applicants may need to be turned away if their stakeholder type and/or subject matter expertise area has been filled.  We will, however, be in touch with all applicants to discuss future opportunities for engagement in this work. While this work will benefit from this hackathon, it will not be solved by a hackathon. Your continued engagement will be key.

Can students apply?

Yes! We welcome participation from a wide range of perspectives and career stages.

How will the winning team be selected?

At the end of the event, each team will share a brief presentation outlining the progress they have made in the development of a solution.   After the presentations, all 100 hackathon participants will have the ability to vote on the winning solution.

What will the winning team receive?

The prize will be access to experiences aimed at further advancing the winning solution - - Specific prize will be announced at the event.

What do we do with our idea once the hackathon is complete?

We hope that participants will continue the work they initiated, either with their teammates or other participants.  All solution presentations will be made available through Cambia Grove’s website to highlight the wide range of ideas generated and to enable future collaboration.

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