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Kinnected is an ethical sanctuary space and non-clinical health empowerment platform, offering whole health, values-based, peer-to-peer, support via multiple avenues. Members build self-health agency, collaborate with global peers and grow to understand the multiple levers that transform our health. Health professionals are offered easy portability, exposure to clients invested in their health, a personal anonymous profile for their own self-health journey, and a community culture focused on caring/empathy. Kinnected is a neutral platform that works to anchor and support other ethical, values-based, clinical, policy-based, and social health systems through peer support and interoperability.
Kinnected’s Mission
To offer a free and diverse public health community that nurtures and supports all people and health professionals equitably.

Kinnected’s Vision
To model a global culture of self-health advocacy and collaborative healing that revitalizes and prioritizes the health of humanity.
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Startup - Newly established businesses, investable
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140 Lakeside Ave, Ste A-82
Seattle, WA 98122
United States

Kinnected - Redefining Global Public Health
Kinnected is a health platform that speaks to our desperate need of trustworthy, sanctuary spaces and systems that focus on our better health and human behavior. Conceived with the knowledge that we must prepare for future vulnerabilities on a pandemic scale and put healthy, digital, community infrastructure in place, Kinnected is a remedy for the following:

The disenfranchisement that health consumers associate with the word healthcare.
Health professionals who are burnt-out and need to reconnect to their purpose of caring for others.
Non-humane focused technology and social platforms that privilege profits over impact and which are sadly, the primary arenas where people find themselves searching, often in vain, for the areas of care that they're missing.
Lack of framework for helping elders/seniors explore and share connection and meaningful social inclusion.

Category of Innovation
Digital Health - A digital health solution is a technology-based solution whose user is caring for or providing care for themselves (think of a personal app) or another individual (such as a doctor using a tool to help their patient)
Intended End User
Patient - Individuals who receive health care
Provider - Individuals or organizations responsible for providing care to patients (e.g. doctors, nurses, hospital/clinic administrators, etc.)
Purchaser - Organizations responsible for purchasing health benefits for a population of people (e.g. employers or government entities)
Policymaker - Elected officials and departments within local, state and federal governments responsible for crafting and implementing health care policy (anyone who has or is campaigning to have a “.gov” email address)
Startup - newly established business, investable
Vendor - i.e. established company, non-startup
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Problem (i.e. barrier, issue, complication, etc.) being solved for the end user
The COVID-19 Pandemic has served to shine a spotlight on people who are experiencing chronic conditions and have been overlooked or dismissed due to the emotional support required. This helps Kinnected illuminate the many other conditions and communities where people also experience loneliness and social isolation, and do not have strong or ethical enough digital communities to bring their social and cultural health into a cohesive whole -- the infrastructure that people must assemble (usually alone) to maintain health. Searching for peers, looking, (often in vain), for safe, stable social networks to reduce isolation and loneliness, or engaged in hopeful personal research -- now this can be achieved in one place, autonomously, and anonymously, in an ethical setting.

Kinnected is working to balance the heavily weighted coin that is the human health system, by empowering people/consumers/patients, towards self-agency, and guiding them to become more proactive, and better educated, and more collaborative about their social, physical and emotional health. On the other side of the coin, for health professionals, we want to bring more visibility to independent practices, legitimize different methodologies, offer a nurturing cultural community to global health providers, stakeholders, administrators, and innovators, and acknowledge that health professionals often experience the same set of challenges as their patients, i.e. they are human. Through engagement with the consumer, we aim to take the need for non-clinical emotional support, and health tracking, off the plate of providers.
Idea/solution to the problem, if applicable
All social platforms come with inherent benefits and risks.  What makes Kinnected different?

1. Kinnected has mitigated these risks as best we can to empower and validate lived experiences rather than violate or create an environment for misinformation.
2. The ethical and financial roadmap of the company rests solely with the founder and is not prone to potentially negative outside influence, redeploying existing resources or resetting stakeholders’ expectations.
3. Kinnected has devoted, time, money, and vision to develop custom, purpose-built technology that is mothered by design. Members can step into a community and cultural health space and feel engaged, educated, and welcomed. 
4. Kinnected’s conversation platform offers no groups, forums, opportunity for triangulation, or the thrill of having an audience. One to one communication fosters greater vulnerability and cooperative conversation.
5. Our IRB approved Wellness studies focus on de-stigmatizing illness, celebrating health, and maximizing the power of peer support. They are developed in concert with medical anthropology, narrative medicine and community engagement.

Level of adoption (i.e. list of customers/users, testimonials, etc.), if applicable
“So many problems, so much talking, so few actually doing something about it. Kinnected is doing something about it. Improving self care, improving the well-being of caregivers, and extracting the best of social tools without the conflict.” -Jeff Thompson, MD, executive advisor and chief executive officer emeritus at Gundersen Health System

“Those of us that have suffered pain for years on end know that modern medicine doesn’t have all the answers, Kinnected is a much needed platform to learn what has worked for other people, and is the best way, in my experience, to address health issues that nobody knows how to solve.” - Carlos Rojas, Chief Financial Officer, Sound Generations

“Kinnected is a place to build a real community, driven by authentic relationships built on small investments of time where we nurture each other, rather than feeding empty engagement algorithms.” - Jeff Helman, Senior Consultant, Healthcare Interoperability,,Inc

“Kinnected has a significant place in our future as it empowers us to re-establish connections with each other and with our health. I congratulate Megan and her team for their groundbreaking and pioneering work and I will support them in any way I can.” - Natalia Blagoeva, Founder of WomenH2H—a global wellness ecosystem

"Clearly Kinnected is next level healthcare in America; for us who would like to be in charge of our health. Global Health desires to eliminate discrimination toward BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ through equitable access." - Jean Craciun, Founder & President, The Diversity Center of Washington

Impact (i.e. measurable outcomes), if applicable
6. Kinnected’s growth comes from anchoring into a root system of ethical and open partnerships that balance and invest essential values, while also offering a chance for regeneration, community and cyclical impact.

To support a more creative, stable, and accessible health system, we invest our time, values, and solutions into working with like-minded organizations, world-wide, that are passionate about structuring technology, economy, health and policy, around essential human rights.

We actively build partnerships with parent groups, elder population groups, universities, and patient advocacy/education groups to create intergenerational health bridges, support the importance of health narratives / lived experiences, and to de-stigmatize illness through the power of peer support and self-advocacy.

Our partnership with Whitman College has resulted in an IRB-approved Wellness Study on Long Covid and Chronic Conditions that measures the value of peer support alongside medical care. We work with those who understand the challenges of elders who are disproportionately dying in isolation before their stories can be told. We seek organizations that support aging in place; and are working to enhance the lives of elders through creative or concrete needs.

We currently offer to like-minded organizations, our facilitated social inclusion initiative, The Reciprocity Project, which connects elders across cultures and generations for the purpose of sharing stories and health narratives. The Reciprocity Project shows that the road to abating loneliness and building a more inclusive society is to offer elders and younger adults a cogent, nurturing role in each other’s rehabilitation.

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