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MEMOTEXT Corporation

Validated and trusted since 2012, MEMOTEXT's mission is to deliver ROI to patients and healthcare stakeholders. The MEMOTEXT platform ingests data from claims, wearables, electronic medical records, and patient inputs to identify risk and personalize communication. Through AI voice assistants, SMS messaging, iOS/Android, and telephone calls (IVR), we use data to drive patient behavior. MEMOTEXT has been shown to improve care-coordination, adherence to treatment, and overall health outcomes.
To make health data useful by using advanced analytics to target patients' individual barriers to disease treatment and prevention.
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COVID-19 RapidResponse
RapidResponse is a multimodal digital communication tool to automate outreach, screening, and mental health follow-ups with integration into various clinical systems and workflows. We capture symptom data and prioritize outreach to patients and caregivers using IVR and SMS. It can be implemented at scale to assess, inform, and surface insights while providing mental health support, as well as monitor the spread of the virus and provide data to support health policy workflows.
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With the rise of COVID-19 came the necessity for the public to practice social isolation, preventative techniques, and regularly monitor for any indication of symptom onset, all while embracing virtual health over in-person clinical visits. With community transmission still a real risk, there is a need for an accessible and validated remote follow-up system to provide check-ins to promote self-screening and deliver of informational and clinical support.

Furthermore, in the area of mental health and addictions, RapidResponse addresses numerous stressors in our current context that are increasing mental health and addictions challenges, difficulty in accessing credible and digestible coping strategies amidst a large volume of information, and challenges in accessing natural and professional supports. The resulting requirements to support mental health of people who are diagnosed with COVID or isolated due to physical distancing will imminently overwhelm usual or individual support systems and providers currently employed.
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In response to the recent COVID-19 spread across North American health systems, we have been working with key stakeholders to stand-up clinical-grade COVID-19 digital response tool. Using SMS, IVR and web, this tool provides custom assessments to deliver rapid triage and recommendations to a given organization. The COVID-19 RapidResponse is a rapidly customizable tool that can adapt to an organization's risk, volume, and protocol needs. The tool can be used to provide reach, triage, education, and recommendations for both patients and staff. The data collected through these surveys can also be used to build predictive models to predict the onset of the virus.

This tool follows a five step methodology:
1. Reach: Updates and/or triage messaging is sent via SMS, IVR or web. Outreach can be automated to ensure information is shared as soon as possible.
2. Screen: Triage patients and staff based on symptoms, travel patterns, and exposure. Risk evaluations can be customized to fit specific organizational needs.
3. Inform: Provide information and resources for patients and staff of when they should reach out for help and when they should self isolate.
4. Follow-up: Automatically trigger follow-up care based on custom protocols. Prevent patients and staff from slipping through the cracks.
5. Stay Informed: Leverage data integrations and dashboard reporting to track symptomatology and screener results with a real-time geographic dashboard.
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Our digital COVID-19 tool, RapidResponse, was implemented into SE (Saint Elizabeth) Health's organization, where the main mode of communication for this location was determined to be IVR. The mode of communication was selected to maximize access and comfort with the technology for an older population.

- "Just want to let you know that your team has done a superb job on the IVR project. We completed design, implementation, testing, re-design, retesting, more testing and go-live, all within 2 weeks."

Specifically, in response to the emerging protocols requiring patient assessment prior to appointments at McKesson's Infusion Clinic Network, RapidResponse, was the perfect fit to help automate pre-appointment screenings to keep staff and patients safe. RapidResponse components were integrated into care-coordination and patient triage assessments prior to scheduled appointments

- "Screener is working well. Patients find it simple to follow. PCC find the instructions sent back clear as they follow the legend. However medium risk levels the biggest area for clarification with patients but it is clearer now. Otherwise it is working well, and the numbers are reflective of what we were anticipating."
- "The team at MEMOTEXT has been responsive to all our requirements and adjustments to the screener. We are more than pleased with the result!"
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In the case of delivering virtual check-ins for SE Health, our tool was configured in under 2 weeks to send out up to 5000 calls per day to homecare clients, which will increase to 20,000 per day in the coming future. Since launching 2 months ago, there has been a steady 70% reduction in daily call volumes (the equivalent of 100 calling hours) that nurses would have had to make to clients to confirm their appointments. Furthermore, ~5% of clients have been identified as high risk through the screening questionnaire and were triaged accordingly and had their appointments transitioned to a virtual-only visit.

For McKesson, in the first 2 weeks of launch, we had screened over 2000 individuals prior to their appointments, saving 330+ calling hours for frontline staff. This deployment was also configured in an agile manner in under 2 weeks.
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