The Cambia Grove TRAILS Competition Returns, Calls for Pediatric Solutions from Startups


Today, the Cambia Grove, a health care-focused innovation center, opens its second TRAILS Competition to startups vying for the opportunity to hear valuable product and market feedback from three children’s hospitals along the west coast; Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, OHSU Doernbecher Children's Hospital and Seattle Children’s Hospital.

The TRAILS Competition was designed to provide promising startups access to real world testing and application within the health care system to gain knowledge of how the system works. Through this experience, startups can iterate on their solution to make it a lean, high value product. This spring’s competition seeks to find startups interested in improving the experiences of children and their families during times of urgent medical needs.

“Cambia Grove’s goal is to make it easier to innovate in health care,” said Maura Little, Executive Director of the Cambia Grove. "Often, startups lack access to real-world feedback of their products. We are thrilled to partner with Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, OHSU Doernbecher Children's Hospital and Seattle Children’s Hospital to help startups develop products that will truly move the industry towards a more person-focused and sustainable health care system.”

The applications are due on April 14, 2019 by 11:59PM PDT. There will be three rounds of judging by representatives from the 5 Points of Health CareTM (patients, providers, payers, purchasers and policymakers), investors and other professionals in the health startup community. Five finalists will be selected to pitch in front of a judging panel on May 22, 2019 in Seattle. All semifinalists will receive feedback including a candid evaluation of the product’s ability to address participating hospitals’ problem statements.

“Innovators often work in a vacuum, building products without getting candid feedback from the individuals who will be using and purchasing their product. We’re grateful the Cambia Grove has created the framework for startups to develop and scale actionable solutions in an ecosystem that allows them access to key stakeholders within healthcare delivery organizations,” said Omkar Kulkarni, Chief Innovation Officer, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. “This TRAILS Competition is unique because it offers entrepreneurs access to stakeholders in very different markets: Los Angeles, Seattle and Portland. The participating hospitals, and the markets we serve, all represent and serve different patient populations. The winning startup will find tremendous value from the feedback they receive.”

Last year’s winner LiteSprite, a mental health video game developer, surpassed startups from 6 states and 5 countries to earn a 12-month real-world data application to identify the economic opportunity of their product, Sinasprite, with the UW Primary Care Innovation Lab. Litesprite won the first U.S. Surgeon General Award presented to a video game.

For more information on the TRAILS Competition, deadlines and details on submission requirements, please visit the TRAILS Competition application page.

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