Our Team Members

Nicole Bell

Founder & Executive Director, Cambia Grove

Nicole is a Founder of Cambia Grove and its Executive Director. She brings strategic real-world experience from successfully leading change for health care delivery systems and health plans that have proven invaluable to Cambia Grove partners and participants.

Nicole’s dual degrees from UC-San Diego and year living abroad gave her a different approach to solving health care problems. Her 20 years in the health care industry includes 10 years at a hospital review firm, working with hospital clients nationwide to drive value and also open new markets and a second office for the firm.

Nicole joined Cambia Health Solutions in April 2008 and led the development and implementation of transformative provider reimbursement initiatives including accountable care organizations and an award-winning ambulatory intensive care (medical home) program. In 2012 she began supporting Cambia’s investment portfolio by creating and building the business development function and team. After 4 ½ years supporting the success of entrepreneurs and startups, she is now fully dedicated to catalyzing transformation and making key connections at Cambia Grove.

Nicole is also on the Board of Directors of Wildflower Health and Life Science Washington, is a Partner at Social Venture Partners and supports the growth of Big Table. She is also often on stage speaking about various health care innovation topics.

When not working her (mostly) day job, Nicole enjoys a few favorite outdoor activities with her two kids, like hiking, snowboarding, and camping. Quieter moments include reading novels and checking out independent music and films.

One day Nicole’s goal is to slow down enough to realize her dream of living abroad – or in Ojai – but for now, she’d love to relax with a soak in an Icelandic hot pot.

David Shepard

David Shepard

Community Executive

David’s mission is to bring together the Cambia Grove’s diverse stakeholders to accomplish what no single entity can – build a thriving hub for health care transformation that reflects the unique strengths and talents to be found across Cascadia’s innovative and customer-focused industries.

David joined the Cambia Grove team in December of 2014, bringing 17 years of marketing communications experience in the education and health care fields. His work at the University of Washington Information School and Providence Health & Services in particular provides valuable insights into the communities he will engage as the Cambia Grove’s Community Executive.

A displaced Red Sox fan, David has learned to appreciate the Mariners since moving to Seattle in 2007 after taking his Master of Science degree in Mass Communication at Boston University. Holder of an undergrad degree in English and American literature from Brown, David likes to read,  is considering the short-story collection he plans to write in retirement, and loves to share his adventures in Seattle’s thriving music scene. 

Angela Snyder

Director of First Impressions

Angela joined the Cambia Grove team in January of 2015 to take responsibility for first impressions. She brings eight years of experience in administration and operations and previously managed operations for a group of medical clinics in Shoreline and Kenmore, and was a facilities coordinator for a national IT company.

Angela ditched early aspirations to be an actress-oceanographer-doctor-lawyer-veterinarian-Olympic swimmer to study Anthropological Analysis of the Psyche and Vocal Performance and Pedagogy. Sometime after earning her drama and music degree from the University of Washington, she found time to complete high school.

When she is not coordinating and facilitating events at the Cambia Grove, you may find Angela on or near a stage somewhere in Seattle.



Tiny is the Cambia Grove’s Sasquatch-in-Residence (SIR). He is a Pacific Northwest native and is very excited about the community the Cambia Grove is building for health care innovators.

At the Cambia Grove, Tiny wears multiple hats: he's a core touch point and landmark for visitors to the space, the highly-recognizable face of the Cambia Grove on the road but also on social media (@TalktoSIR) and on the blog. He helps keep the work of the team tightly focused on making health care more accountable to individuals and their families.

Tiny strongly believes that health care needs a strong consumer focus: the same experience people expect from industry-leading retail companies like Amazon or Starbucks. Consumerism is a must-have in health care, not a nice-to-have.

He loves his role because it gives him a front row seat to health care transformation. Above all he's a people person interested in helping others connect in order to help Cascadia's health care sector thrive. He understands it will take everyone working together to make that happen.

When he’s not greeting people in the space and taking selfies with them, he enjoys camping, skiing, swimming, fishing and making special appearances on other people’s hikes. He also loves soccer (he calls it "littlefoot ball") and retains a passion for ultimate from his college days.

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