Payment & Incentives

Convene Stakeholders

  • Thanks to an abundance of feedback, we have heard consistently that the current health care incentive structure poses a barrier to innovation
  • The community has communicated that if payment is aligned with value, the health care delivery system will be further incentivized to “pull” innovation from the changemaker community to improve overall quality and affordability
  • To help us better understand the current state of payment reform and to identify areas where the community could add value, we completed interviews with 34 stakeholders representing the traditional health care sectors and the entrepreneur community* 

Identify Challenges and Opportunities

  • We then took the community’s valuable insights and distilled them down to five common themes and 10 potential community-powered initiatives

Catalyze Solutions 

1. Optimizing Incentives Summit

Optimized incentives are critical to the advancement of impactful innovation in health care. During Cambia Grove’s spring Paying for Health series, we brought global, national and community thought leaders to the virtual stage to discuss how to improve health outcomes and how to align stakeholder incentives with those outcomes. During our Incentivizing Health Hackathon, we brought a wide variety of stakeholders together to develop care and payment models that align incentives with a lifetime of health.

This summit built on this work to further address the barriers we see in the health care system. Please check out the recap which includes the event recordings for each session here

2. Incentivizing Health: A Hackathon to Build Solutions for Better Health Outcomes 

The hackathon took place February 4-5, 2021. It was two days of fast-paced solutioning with over 100 health care collaborators spanning the 5 Points of Health Care™ and supporting experts. This unique hackathon thought through alternative care and payment models that align stakeholder incentives with better health outcomes. Learn more here

3. We continue to vet a working document of our initial findings and initiating efforts to build out projects from the community-powered inventory of ideas


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*NOTE: All stakeholder interviews were conducted in confidence to enable candid discussion and open dialogue; feedback has been anonymized and summarized.



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