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TeleMedic Systems LLC

Medical device company developing and selling remote medical monitoring systems and supporting digital services globally.
Enabling Healthcare Everywhere
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7905 118th Ave SE
Newcastle, WA 98056
United States

VitalLink family of remote medical monitoring systems
The VitalLink3 is highly flexible medical monitoring system that can be configured with medical sensor applicable to the use case. Data can be sent from the VitalLink3 over any data connection to the VitalNet server network from which one or several medical professionals can review the information live. Captures of the incoming data can be exported to 3rd party medical record systems.
Category of Innovation
Digital Health - A digital health solution is a technology-based solution whose user is caring for or providing care for themselves (think of a personal app) or another individual (such as a doctor using a tool to help their patient)
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Patient - Individuals who receive health care
Provider - Individuals or organizations responsible for providing care to patients (e.g. doctors, nurses, hospital/clinic administrators, etc.)
Purchaser - Organizations responsible for purchasing health benefits for a population of people (e.g. employers or government entities)
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Delivering medical care, either emergency response or monitoring, to remote locations offshore, in the air, to isolated communities and during natural disaster response is difficult and often impractical in terms of having resources on hand to render aide.
Idea/solution to the problem, if applicable
As a configurable system the VitalLink3 can be coupled with 3rd party products that will best support the primary use. For example, for remote clinical applications, BP, SPO2, temp, weight scales and blood glucose monitoring could be augmented with a spirometer, the resulting data could be sent over a SatCom phone. For emergency responses BP, SPO2, temp and EKG could be supported by mobile data link. Additional capabilities such a digital stethoscopes, blood testing and ultrasound data captures are in work
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The VitalLink3 system has been deployed on private aircraft and vessels. Is used extensively for emergency monitoring in the offshore oil and gas industry by McDermott and others. Has been coupled with a Thuraya SatCom in support of oil exploration efforts. Most recently suites of 8 units have been integrated within altitude training chambers built by Environmental Tectonics Co for monitoring trainees during decompression training.
Impact (i.e. measurable outcomes), if applicable
Originally designed for emergency use, today the VitalLink3 is most often used to monitor the current state of an individuals health. Due to privacy laws or the regulations of the users we do not receive feedback.

One event that can be shared occurred during a user training class, a Doctor offered himself as a live training aide for the use of the 12-lead EKG. The pads were applied and data was displayed moments later, the medical professionals in the audience were impressed by the capability and then took the Doctor to the ER as the EKG clearly showed serious heart problems that required immediate attention.
Funding Stage
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Product development was accomplished with the help of an angel investor. Current operations have been funded internally
VitalLink3 is FDA approved