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Virtro Technology Inc.

Virtro is transforming training simulations and accelerating learning through increased engagement and purpose-based learning design. Leveraging an innovative proprietary technology platform, Virtro develops practice simulations with content-trained Virtual Humans aka AI characters with open dialogue.

The Virtual Humans can undertake coaching roles, answer questions or be an active participant in the simulation. For example in healthcare simulations, Virtual Humans can take on the role of patients, giving learners a purpose-based learning experience of undertaking both task and communication-based activities with active reactive participants. The practice simulations can be delivered via immersive Virtual Reality or interactive, computer-based WebXR technology, making it convenient and accessible.

A diverse and inclusive technology company, Virtro takes pride in delivering Virtual Humans that reflect the diversity of our community and heritage. This encompasses both the appearance and accents of our characters, as well as their ability to understand the accents of the learners.
Virtro is on a mission to accelerate learning by leveraging innovative AI and VR technology. We believe that practice builds confidence.
Diversity and inclusion will never be separated from who Virtro is.
Virtro is a social enterprise for profit, with a journey and mission to leave the world a better place than when we entered it.

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534-1641 Lonsdale Ave
North Vancouver BC V7M 2J5

Immersive Healthcare Simulations
Building healthcare worker confidence through practice simulations.
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Innovative Services - Innovative services include new processes, policies or procedures in the health care system that do not fall into the other health care innovation categories
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Provider - Individuals or organizations responsible for providing care to patients (e.g. doctors, nurses, hospital/clinic administrators, etc.)
Policymaker - Elected officials and departments within local, state and federal governments responsible for crafting and implementing health care policy (anyone who has or is campaigning to have a “.gov” email address)
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Healthcare was hardest hit by COVID with staggering deaths associated due to the spread of the disease and the ill preparedness of providers in PPE protocol and limited access to PPE to practice. Many were not expected to don full PPE (masks, goggles, and gowns) for patient care prior to COVID, and therefore did not have adequate training or experience in such IPC protocols during the initial outbreaks. As the population continues to age, by 2035, numbers are expected to double those from 2016 creating additional pressure on the healthcare sector. Ensuring these valuable front-line resources are properly trained is required to ensure the health of our aging population, these workers and the community at large.

COVID changed the world, what used to be face to face training became virtual, remote or sporadic. The healthcare industry needs to rapidly train staff in the proper protocols, including the procedure of donning and doffing PPE due to COVID-19. Healthcare workers have not had sufficient time or access to PPE to practice. Simulation practice can help staff and healthcare workers feel prepared and confident to use PPE in a safe manner and better prepare them for the future.

Many institutions are now being sued due to the loss of family members. To better equip and prepare workers for future pandemic's and revised protocols, a more effective, efficient and scalable solution would provide the data, analytics and insurance policy that the training has been completed to the acceptable standard, to build confidence in the healthcare sector.
Idea/solution to the problem, if applicable
While VR training is not a new concept to healthcare and COVID response plans, coaching a Virtual Human who is acting like a fellow healthcare professional heightens the learning and competency of the user. Additionally, developing simulations over immersive WebXR allows the user to access it anywhere, at any time. Virtro’s simulations allow for an accelerated learning experience, that is scalable and accessible to all who would benefit, without the risk of exposure, or waste or cost of valuable resourcese and equipment.

When we reflect on the impact COVID has had in healthcare around the world for those most vulnerable, providing innovative training for this pandemic and for the future is essential. By providing simulations that mimic real world scenarios, giving practice to all levels of workers in healthcare, despite their location or role, ensures that these workers are better prepared for the future and whatever it might bring. These scalable, accessible simulations allow workers to practice anytime anywhere.
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In August of 2020, Virtro began a pilot project with Monash University and the Victoria Department of Health in Australia to support their workers in aged care homes with PPE practice simulations. By providing an environment that could be scaled to the 760+ aged care homes, 5000+ employees, across the state and allow their workers to build their confidence in the PPE protocols, has proven beneficial.
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A new evidence review by researchers at Oregon Health & Science University shows that infection rates can be lowered with the use of personal protective equipment combined with proper training in infection control.

PWC report shows the that virtual simulations result in: 275% more confident learner, learn 4x faster than traditional methods, 4x more focussed and 3.75x more emotionally connected, something critical for the healthcare sector. Learn more about virtual reality simulations for soft skills here:
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Virtro is a private held company, bootstrapped since inception. While Virtro has received Canadian government grant funding for pilot projects, due to less than 2.4% of VC funding being offered to women in technology, Virtro has grown a business and developed an innovative technology from the ground up on their own. With commercially available products now available, Virtro will continue to grow their business and solutions from sales revenue.
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Virtro has established policies, procedures and codes of conduct.