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Founded in 2017 by staffing industry veterans, Wanderly was built with one goal in mind: employ technology to improve the process of delivering the contingent healthcare workforce to the nation's hospitals and health systems. Our technology marketplace, which has been called the “ of Healthcare Staffing”, is an ecosystem designed to enable meaningful connections among clinical healthcare professionals, recruiters, agencies, and health systems. is now the go-to place to connect with the clinical workforce. We have earned the trust of travel nurses, clinical staff, allied health professionals, and pharmacists in their search for new jobs, new assignments, and new ways to work.
Impact the future of work in healthcare by protecting and supporting clinical staff in finding meaningful employment
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One World Trade Center, 8th Floor
Long Beach, CA 90831
United States

Wanderly Staffing Marketplace
Wanderly streamlines the process it takes to get a clinician into a position. Wanderly flips the funnel from recruiters-seeking-candidates to candidates-seeking-recruiters. Clinicians build their profile on Wanderly with all their needed documents for employment (e.g., resume, credentials, licenses, certifications). Then, just like Uber and clinical staff can search and find the right next step for them. Our user-friendly design is a powerful tool and its why we have earned the trust of 46,000 users. Recruiters can post jobs and utilize our powerful targeting tools to fill their jobs quicker. It's not about a nursing shortage, it's about making the market more efficient.
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The clinical workforce is needed across the country and world. With historically inefficient processes, this is a costly issue for healthcare organizations seeking clinical staff. Wanderly ensures rapid deployment and access to the clinical workforce your organization needs to drive growth. We support market efficiency in healthcare staffing and workforce management.
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Wanderly is trusted by some of the largest and most respected healthcare organizations and staffing agencies to support their workforce needs. From smaller agencies to publically-traded companies, Wanderly supports scalable workforce solutions. Learn more about our customers here:
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