Fall 2019 TRAILS Competition

Congratulations to the fall 2019 TRAILS Competition winner, Samaritan!

"Samaritan provides smart wallets specifically designed for people without a home, linking them to the financial capital and relational guidance needed to address their housing and health. The beacon is free to use but must be renewed with the counselor/clinician visit every 30 days. These preventative visits, coupled with new relational and financial support from the community, help patients build resources and habits to strengthen health outcomes. From there, care providers can give their energy to the next patient in need, quicker."

Visit Samaritan's website to learn more about what they are working on!

The fall 2019 TRAILS Competition finalists were:

Description: The fall 2019 Cambia Grove TRAILS competition provides the winning startup evidence-based research to support the advancement of their health care product.

The challenge this competition aims to solve was sourced from a survey of 60 primary care clinics. The survey asked two main questions: 

  1. What are your immediate pain points?
  2. What are your long term hopes for the future of health care?

The winning startup of the fall 2019 TRAILS Competition will be selected after multiple rounds of judging by representatives from the 5 Points of Health Care™ (patients, providers, payers, purchasers and policymakers), investors and other professionals that support the health startup community.  


Pain points that clinicians face in their day-to-day work include inaccurate data and inconvenience of additional steps as they interact with various technologies. The fall 2019 TRAILS competition seeks solutions that will result in the accurate and efficient use of data to improve clinic workflow, enhance patient engagement and to reduce clinician burnout.


  • The winner will receive evidence-based research services from PCI-Lab
  • All ten semi-finalists receive a package of feedback from the first and second rounds of judging
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